Why “October’ shook me?

Varun Dhawan’s performance in Badlapur, and now in October, completely shows what an ‘actor’ he is. I have seen Shoojit Sircar’s earlier films on big screen- but this took me by storm.

The movie flows beautifully from the beginning to end- portraying detail in every character, and their contribution towards the film. Geetanjali Rao, who plays the mother of Shuili, portrays the sadness, faith, hope and calmness in the most matured and beautiful way. Varun, as a sloppy, talkative guy, and his coming-of-age change character is weaved so beautifully- it just naturally transcends.

Movies have brought something to my life- some movies. Seldom do Bollywood movies move away from shine, glory, and glamour to bring in a creative and fictional way of depicting movies that talk about things that happen in a normal life- losing a person, coping with death, and how incidents like these transform one’s character, makes one strong, and tell us that we need to move on in life. I liked some dialogues. — tu har cheez hya chance dekhke karta hai? (Do you do things if there is a chance?)

When the girl’s best friend talks about practicalities of life- family, that prevents her from going to visit Shuili in the hospital, Dan’s silence says it all.

I could sense the priorities in life- how beyond our practical lives- work, home and a dozen odd things, we forget that there are people who need us and our time. And one day, when we finally, at a point realise, we “have” time for that person, they may or may not even exist.

I have lost a friend like this- my college mate, who always egged me to meet her, and I was in the rubble of work and travel, and thought there is always time to meet her. But then, she passed away, too soon. And that is when a bunch of my college friends decided- let’s just meet, make an effort- we realize the need for spending time with people, and sometimes, it does mean compromising or rather giving up some run-of-the-mill work time for people who matter to us. For in this very short life, its all these memories and time we spend, that adds to life. Eventually, people do not talk about what you achieved- but what you were in your life- a sort of human being who really connected.

For me, that was a huge learning in this movie.

And sometimes, with continued hope, we feel everything is going to be fine. And all the upswings and hope suddenly crash, and one has to pick pieces of this, and start living again. That was a fragment of movie that really shook me. And this could happen to anyone.

I did hear people sitting behind me lamenting about wasting time on the not-so-bollywood-movie October. If you are someone, who can take anything that is not stereotypical Bollywood, watch this. I am sure, people have definitely things to take away.

Bows to the gang of October.