Beginner-friendly guide on how to set up React and Tailwind CSS.

I created that 😎

React is one of the most important players in today’s modern web development. Due to its simplicity and better design, anyone can pick it up and start building something in a couple of days. Not only this, for an independent developer like myself, building a side project is a breeze. Being a JavaScript library, it even fits well together in the MERN stack allows us to create whole full stack side projects. However, integrating a better-designed CSS is still a problem (for me at least). …

Personal opinion about Deno along with its crash course.

Created by myself using Canva

If you are like me and you love JavaScript and TypeScript more than C++ then you might already hear about a new player in town: Deno. Created by the same guy and with a new and exciting feature, will Deno eventually replace Node? This is the current debate of the JavaScript community and I hereby this article put forward opinion toward it.

What is Deno?

According to the deno website, Deno is a Secure runtime for JavaScript and TypeScript. Whereas Node is simply a JavaScript runtime. Though both are built on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine, there is a major difference between them: Security…

Data Structures and Algorithms Basics

Everything you need to know to implement a basic Linked List in C Plus Plus Language

A Linked List is a list that is made out of linking nodes together. If these words are unfamiliar, don’t worry, we will start with basics so they will be explained as we go along this article. The first step in understanding a more complex data structure starts with understanding much simpler one first. Let’s dive in by introducing what actually is Linked List.

Linked List

In Computer Science, a linked list is linear collection of data elements, whose order is not given by their physical placement in memory.

Above definition by Wikipedia sounds a bit vague and hard to understand. Let’s…

CG for beginners

A comprehensive introduction to Computer Graphics and why one should consider it.

As an aspiring animator, I enrolled in Introduction to Computer Graphics in last year Autumn session. I really enjoyed the whole experience of learning the concepts behind it and hence, this article consists of a collection of notes and theories I learned during that 3-month course. Through this article, my one and only aim is to make you excited enough in Computer Graphics and fields surrounding it. If you need any other notes and slides related to this subject do email me. 🙂

Computer Graphics: An Introduction

CG is simply a field of study used to create images/animations with a computer. It involves the…

Software Development Studio Experience

A unique hands-on approach to learn Software Development.

I know the title is a bit misleading, “From Figma to a Website in a week?” Is this a tutorial article? Are you going to teach us how to export from Figma to HTML, CSS, and JS and how to host it to Netlify finally? NOPE.

I am going to share the learning experience I had while studying at UTS how I went from designing a simple website in Figma to finally hosting it in Netlify. I will share my experiences while learning in UTS’s most famous subject, i.e. Software Development Studio. …


A beginner’s guide for creating a progressive web app with react js.

Got that logo of PWA from googling around. Don't know if it is official!

Remember that serviceWorker.js file with 135 lines of code in there; that you always delete after creating a new project from create-react-app? That ugly three lines of comments in the index.js file! I have been there and done that too! 😅

I took Enterprise System Development as my major in my bachelors with several electives focusing on Animation and Game Development. After completing Interactive Media which largely focused on 2D graphics, processing and p5.js, my second step towards my animation passion was Computer Graphics. As I attended my first lecture, I was so happy that they were teaching the current session using WebGL instead of OpenGL (as a full-stack developer, I loved JavaScript and hated C++).

The second day was its workshop where we practised what we learned during the lecture. In the first workshop, we learned about the most basics…

Welcome to the second article in the three-part series of dart programming language. If you haven’t yet checked out my previous part, click here.

In this article, I will try my best to introduce you to Dart by starting with the foundation of Object Oriented Design, Generic System and conclude with taking about File System in Dart.

Object-Oriented Fundamentals

Before Object Oriented languages came out, programs used to be written as a long series of operations that execute from top to bottom and were very hard to maintain. C, Fortran and COBOL were some example and were called Procedural programming languages. Just…

Dart Basics

Everything you need to know for writing your first Hello World in Dart

Dart is created by Google, and its primary purpose is to leverage C-based languages like C++, C#, and Java. It is a general-purpose programming language that is fast in compile time, concise and easy to learn. Dart is purely object-oriented, optionally typed, a class-based language which has excellent support for functional as well as reactive programming. If these terms are unfamiliar, don’t worry, we will start with programming basics so they will all be explained as we go along this article. Let’s dive in by introducing the major concepts of programming.

Programming Basics

A computer program is a set of instructions, a…

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