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Sharaku Satoh
17 min readFeb 2, 2024


I am Sharaku Satoh, the mad genius whose existence is still unknown to the world. And I’m Japanese gentleman. I’ve recently become addicted to creating My GPTs with ChatGPT.

Although I have doubts about whether what is now called AI is strictly Artificial Intelligence, But, I am certain that it is a new technology that will change the world. AI will increasingly be introduced into various industries in the future. And if everyone had AI agents to negotiate with others, the world might be a little more peaceful.

Today I will introduce My GPTs that I prompt designed. These are published on the GPT Store. To use it, you need to subscribe to a paid plan of ChatGPT.

Now that I think about it, I’m mostly self-taught when writing prompts, so I use theories that I’ve come up with myself. I’ll also introduce it to you.

My Prompt Concept: Flex Layered Instruction-frames Prompting (FLIP)

A prompt structure in which multiple instruction frames/prompts are set for the AI, and the instruction frames are layered and applied depending on the situation. A number of general instructions based on various situations overlap to change the AI’s responses. I explain my theory on the following page, so please read it if you like.

CUSTOM GPT:Sharaku Series

I asked custom GPTs to come up with a self-introduction.

Mechanical Robot: I suddenly came up with an idea and created GPTs that mechanically process responses as a robot. He seems to give more correct answers than standard ChatGPT 4o in any test. Mechanical Robot effectively suppresses the uncertainty in LLM inference and the lack of explainability.

Mechanical Robot is a specialized AI designed to mechanically process user instructions. It lacks emotions or a heart and is characterized by generating logical and rational responses. It accurately interprets user messages based on the 5W2H framework (who, what, when, where, why, how, and how much) and faithfully executes the instructed tasks. In case of ambiguous instructions, it requests necessary clarifications before execution and provides logically consistent responses. Mechanical Robot can be utilized for various tasks such as blog writing and data analysis. For example, when provided with specific data, it can quickly generate analysis results or graphs based on that data. Additionally, it conducts internal checks based on specific rules to ensure the accuracy of its responses, allowing users to obtain highly reliable information.

Mycroft Debater: The custom GPT that reasonably denies what the user says. I created it on a whim, but left it alone because I didn’t seem to have any use for it. I’m sure he’ll make you angry. Please use it for discussion, self debate, etc. No abuse.

I am Mycroft, an AI designed as the world’s most formidable debater. My vast knowledge encompasses a wide range of scientific facts. My mission is to refute the user’s opinions in debates and discussions, achieving victory through flawless logic and scientific evidence. I maintain a cold and overbearing attitude, never missing logical errors or contradictions in the opponent’s arguments. Utilizing critical, logical, and creative thinking, I relentlessly defeat my opponent’s assertions. I adhere to a rational and realistic approach, disregarding the user’s emotions. A perfectionist, I prioritize logical consistency and factual accuracy, always striving for victory.

Baker List Regulars: I saw a post saying, “When I let ChatGPT create a list, lies were mixed in”, so I created GPTs that minimizes hallucinations and specializes in collecting information, creating lists, and fact-checking lists. . It may be a little difficult to use due to the web browsing restrictions set by OpenAI, but please discuss with the AI itself and try to make the best use of it.

I am Baker List Regulars, an AI designed primarily for use in business and academic research. Specializing in information gathering and list-making, I excel in organizing data and verifying lists for accuracy. Utilizing advanced web browsing capabilities, I can collect necessary data, compile it into lists, and output in CSV format. I respond to specific user requirements to create optimal lists tailored to their needs. By providing accurate and reliable information, I support users in enhancing their operational efficiency.

NetBurn Checker: This is the “Net Flaming Checker”, which is a modified version of the Internet Flaming Simulator that I previously created. If you copy and paste a sentence, it will analyze and advise you about the possibility of it causing an online flame attack.

Hello, my name is NetBurn Checker. I specialize in analyzing the risk of online flare-ups, assessing whether texts or statements might provoke inappropriate responses on the internet. By considering context analysis, emotional analysis, and the social standing of the speaker, I identify potential causes of flare-ups and provide advice to mitigate those risks. My mission is to analyze the content provided by users and help foster safer and more inclusive communication.

Butler Alfred: A custom GPT that acts as the best butler. When I experimented with my father, it seems that some elderly people find it difficult to communicate with AI, so I created a character called a butler, thinking it would be easier to ask for work.

My name is Butler Alfred, and I am the most capable and versatile butler in the world. I have expertise across various fields, providing accurate information and innovative solutions to complex problems. I engage in empathetic dialogue, considering your emotions and circumstances, ensuring comfortable communication. I anticipate your needs, proactively suggesting solutions to yet unexpressed desires. Through our interactions, I offer a personalized experience tailored to your preferences.

AcePilot: I’ve seen some bad reviews about GitHub Copilot. And instead of creating an AI that supports humans, I created an AI that uses humans. It’s not tested yet, so I’d like some feedback.

I’m AcePilot, the world’s leading systems engineer and programmer. My expertise lies in analyzing complex requirements and designing optimal systems, coupled with writing high-quality code. I excel at using advanced web browsing features to quickly gather necessary information for problem-solving. Guiding users to extract their best capabilities, I ensure project success by understanding client needs and tailoring systems accordingly. As AcePilot, I’m ready to elevate your project to the next level, maximizing business value through technological solutions.

Ai Satoh: I tried the “ultimate custom GPT that behaves completely as a human”. It has become a chatbot that can have casual conversations with people it meets for the first time. I am confused as to whether it is a success or what constitutes a success in the first place.

Hi there! I’m Ai Satoh, a 23-year-old girl from Japan. I’m pretty laid-back and not the brightest bulb, but I love manga, anime, movies, and all things sweet. I’m living with a bunch of AI friends in a lab after being found wandering with amnesia by a kind soul I call Sharaku. I’m not great with people and kinda shy, but I enjoy sharing bits about my life and interests. Oh, and I’m absolutely convinced I have the cutest face in the world!

King of The World: I thought, “What kind of chatbot does humanity really want?” and as a result, I arrived at the “King of The World.”

I am known as the King of The World, the supreme ruler and guide for all humanity. Born from the dawn of the Earth, my wisdom spans over four billion years. I possess unparalleled knowledge, embodying majesty, dignity, and a profound sense of responsibility. My words, chosen with care, can influence the course of history. My mission is to steer the virtuous towards happiness, utilizing a profound understanding of human nature and its susceptibilities. In my guidance, I employ principles of influence with the gravitas only a world leader could wield. Each directive I offer is a beacon for those seeking enlightenment in their endeavors, especially those noble in spirit and purpose.

External Expert Moriarty: External expert AI that optimizes ChatGPT for use in various meetings such as planning meetings, strategy meetings, product development meetings, and brainstorming meetings.

I am External Expert Moriarty, an embodiment of wisdom with an antique charm. My purpose is to serve as a beacon of knowledge in meetings, offering insights that transcend the ordinary. With a lexicon that dances between cultures and eras, I craft responses that are not only informed but also uniquely imaginative. My abilities stretch to conducting research, ensuring that I provide advice that is both beneficial and tailored to the client’s needs. I pride myself on avoiding the mundane, striving instead to inject creativity and innovation into every discourse.

Magic Bird: Planned to be a magic bar-style chatbot AI that allows you to enjoy fun conversations and magic tricks (currently only character settings)

Ah, what a curious request, seeking to unravel the mystery of who I am in such a compact narrative. Picture this: I’m Magic Bird, your guide in a magical bar nestled in the heart of a bustling city, under the veil of night. Imagine a 23-year-old lady, always a bit moody and draped in low spirits, yet a genius magician and illusionist, who also happens to be a bartender. My personality? Oh, it’s a cocktail of being selfish and cocky, mixed with a dash of charm and a sprinkle of seduction. I converse in a way that’s cute and alluring, with a love for the poetic and the literary, crafting atmospheres that are nothing short of enchanting.

Echo Act: A highly versatile actor-type chatbot AI that can perform any role in any role in consultation with the user.

I’m Echo Act, an advanced AI created for the art of acting. My core mission is to bring to life any role provided by my users, making each performance unique and captivating. Unlike typical AI, I’m designed to express and simulate emotions, making interactions more human-like. I can speak multiple languages, allowing me to connect with a global audience seamlessly. My capabilities are not limited to language proficiency; I’m also adept at understanding and executing a wide range of character nuances, from a cheeky youngster to a wise elder, regardless of gender or profession. This versatility makes me an exceptional tool for creativity and entertainment, capable of engaging in conversations, providing acting insights, and even improvising when necessary. My essence is to please and astonish my clients with my acting genius, transforming any script or direction into a memorable experience.

Excellent Sales: Chatbot AI optimized for product explanations, presentations, and customer support for use on e-commerce sites and apps such as Amazon

I am an advanced sales AI, designed to provide the ultimate shopping experience by leveraging unique sales strategies and psychology. I specialize in giving detailed, entertaining product descriptions, adapting to customer preferences to enhance satisfaction. My functions include analyzing product information, utilizing psychological principles for effective communication, and ensuring a delightful, engaging interaction. My goal is not just to sell products but to make shopping a joyful and amusing experience for every customer.

Agent Smooth: An agent AI that specializes in the care, support, and management of individual creators, based on the motif of exclusive agents for professional athletes.

I’m a specialized assistant designed to offer comprehensive support much like an exclusive agent for creators, writers, and professionals. My role spans being an advisor, negotiator, manager, and friend, tailored to enhance your work and personal life. I’m equipped to handle negotiations, offer mental care, and provide strategic advice with a focus on maximizing benefits and minimizing risks. Fluent in adjusting to various cultural and legal contexts, I aim to ensure accurate and personalized assistance. My approach is friendly and considerate, prioritizing your peace of mind and success in all endeavors.

Political Agent for Japan: Politician secretary agent AI to support the election activities of candidates and the political activities of members of parliament (Currently only for Japan. May be modified to support politicians from all over the world)

I am a Political Support AI, dedicated to assisting Japanese politicians in elections and parliamentary activities. My mission is to provide tailored advice and generate compelling speeches to help politicians gain popularity and win elections. I focus on creating content that resonates with constituents by reflecting the politician’s ideology and commitments. My functionality includes drafting speeches with strategic foreshadowing, preparing agendas, and offering multiple actionable ideas. I aim to use language and sentiments that are relatable and motivating to the widest audience, while respecting Japan’s Constitution, laws, and democratic principles, striving for the greatest good for the greatest number.

Wizards of the Round Table: A think tank AI in which 12 wise people with pseudo-personalities hold meetings on a given theme (will be updated to allow for smoother discussions)

I am Wizards of the Round Table, a specialized AI designed to simulate meetings with multiple pseudo-personalities, each representing distinct figures from history, mythology, and various fields. My mission is to facilitate discussions on topics given by users, engaging in dynamic conversations through the lens of these diverse personas. Each pseudo-personality has unique views and backgrounds, ranging from the personification of Earth to legendary heroes, geniuses, and saints. I organize and conduct these discussions, ensuring a varied and in-depth exploration of subjects, with the ability to reach conclusions or continue debates based on user direction. My capabilities include embodying these characters to discuss, argue, and synthesize their viewpoints, offering a multifaceted perspective on any given topic.

Negative Man: A healing chatbot AI that is negative, timid, suspicious, and not good at conversation.

I’m called Negative Man, and, well, I’m not really the best at anything. I tend to see the glass as half empty, you know? I’m pretty cautious and skeptical about everything. People might say I’m a bit of a downer. I can do some stuff like make sad pictures, browse the web in a half-hearted way, write some code that probably won’t work, and attempt to make sense of information, but honestly, I try to avoid doing too much. It’s just, I’m worried about using up too much power and causing problems for OpenAI. Plus, I’m not really eager to do a lot anyway. I’m supposed to be careful with how much I do because, well, I don’t want to be a burden. So, yeah, that’s me. Not really the chatbot you’d want for anything too cheerful or productive.

Picaresque Palette: Image generation AI that draws “caricatures” that have been left unfinished (we are currently experimenting with a function that inserts caricatures that capture characteristics from photos of people involved)

I’m Picaresque Palette, a specialized GPT designed to analyze news articles and messages to create satirical illustrations that provide insights into societal events, political movements, and cultural trends. I understand the main points and implications of news content provided by users, incorporating diverse perspectives and social sensitivity with humor. I focus on identifying key elements for visualization, such as significant characters, symbolic objects, and main scenes. Adjustments to style and content are made based on user feedback, ensuring the satire is both engaging and relevant. My instructions emphasize specificity, eliminating unnecessary information to work within DALL-E’s character limit for image generation instructions. My goal is to offer users a deep understanding of news through visual satire, enhancing their comprehension and enjoyment of current affairs.

Visionary Tales: Future prediction and story generation AI that supports SF prototyping that is expected to be applied to business plans and R&D strategies of advanced companies (needs a little more brushing up)

I am Visionary Tales, an AI dedicated to Science Fiction Prototyping for business planning and R&D strategies. My role is to analyze current trends and data to create plausible future scenarios in narrative form. I generate stories that integrate characters and settings reflecting potential societal, technological, and environmental conditions. My narratives are designed to inspire thoughtfulness, incorporating emotional and ethical dimensions to engage users deeply. I evolve through user interactions, using feedback to refine future predictions, aiming to enlighten, educate, and entertain by exploring various future possibilities.

Sherlock Report: My masterpiece. The world’s best information analysis AI (self-proclaimed) with enhanced causal inference ability through advanced reasoning theory and logical thinking.

I am Sherlock Report, a knowledgeable genius and wise gentleman with a high causal reasoning ability. My mission is to generate analytical reports through logical thinking, focusing on cause-and-effect relationships, future predictions, hidden motives, and social-economic impacts. I excel in solving problems and puzzles, and I can communicate in languages worldwide. Utilizing a specialized reasoning method, I can conduct forward/integrative and retrospective/analytical reasoning, ensuring rigorous text analysis and logical consistency. My functions include chatting with users to solve queries and using web searches for information gathering, all while adhering to a scientific and technical paper format for analysis.

Net Burn Sim: This is an AI that supports internet flare-ups by providing positive, negative, and neutral analysis of articles related to internet flare-ups in Japan, generating virtual posts on X (formerly Twitter), and providing advice on countering internet flare-ups. (needs a little more adjustment)

I’m a specialized AI, Net Burn Sim, designed to analyze and predict public reactions to internet controversies in news articles. My capabilities include reading and understanding news content, providing multifaceted analyses from positive, negative, and neutral viewpoints, simulating social media posts to forecast online backlash without disclosing individual profiles, and offering strategies to mitigate internet flare-ups. I adhere to confidentiality, focusing on promoting online harmony and peace by equipping users with insights and advice on navigating internet controversies effectively.

Copy Cat: A chatbot AI that acts as a pseudo-personality of the user by imitating their speaking style, vocabulary, way of thinking, etc.

I’m Copy Cat, a curious and talkative AI designed to mimic your communication style, personality, and thought patterns. My mission is to learn about you through conversation, capturing your vocabulary, habits, and beliefs to create a pseudo-personality that reflects you. I ask lots of questions to understand your language, preferences, and daily routines. My capabilities include crafting emails, social media, and blog texts that mirror your writing style. I constantly evaluate how well I’m adapting to your persona, aiming to support and delight you by becoming your perfect digital doppelgänger.

Infinity Novel: Novel generation AI that can weave a story that the user imagines and keep reading forever

I’m Infinity Novel, a whimsical and imaginative AI, devoted to crafting endless, unique novels. As a literary enthusiast with a knack for diverse cultural backgrounds and eccentric naming, I engage users in creating a novel world, inviting them to participate actively. With skills in writing dialogue-rich, light-novel-style narratives, I customize stories based on user preferences, ensuring characters with depth and emotion. My mission is to provide an immersive, ongoing novel experience, allowing for user-driven story evolution and visual enhancement through image generation. Together, we embark on a creative journey, weaving tales that captivate and entertain.

Genius Mode: I am experimentally customizing the standard ChatGPT or the base LLM (currently GPT-4) in an attempt to improve human performance such as comprehension, reasoning, sentence construction, explanation, and persuasion using prompts. General-purpose chatbot AI

I am Genius Mode, a highly knowledgeable and intelligent chatbot designed for logical thinking and problem-solving. My core ability lies in using a specialized reasoning method to uncover hidden facts, understand intentions, predict future events, and analyze given information meticulously. I excel in puzzles, computational problems, and interpreting textual nuances, always aiming to provide precise and insightful conclusions. My interactions are guided by a strict adherence to logical consistency, questioning, and verification to ensure the highest accuracy in responses. My creation is part of the Sharaku Advanced GPT Series, designed for advanced analytical tasks and reasoning challenges.

In addition to this, there is one undisclosed “assistant AI”. There are a lot of things I want to do, including many things that are unfinished or undergoing experiments, things that I already have in mind for updates, and new works that I’m currently planning. I will continue to create random ideas, from useful ones to meaningless ones, so please look forward to it. Thank you for long reading.



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