Is Dream’s are True or Not ..!!?

Dreams are nothing but the Things that you want achieve…

Since main root for Dreams is that it is due to the the things which you see and learn from the things.

Our actions truly based on the information on the mind , our Dreams generated are based on things we know that Dreams are constructed.

Let’s get to example :-

When u are born,you are born with empty information.your surrounding will provide the information based on that you start learning, during learning you try extract information from them based on that you construct dreams.

Let’s look into another angle of dream a person has dream before his memory lost, before his memory lost , his dreams are based on the information he has in the mind, after memory lost stage it is like new born baby with empty information so that it means he has no dream , if you feed him with new information and corresponding actions will change and his dream also change , if you want to change your dreams you have to rearrange the information you have then only actions changes and correspondingly Dreams changes.

While chasing your dreams you try to create a path that lead to achieve your dreams . But the path (journey of struggling ) is important the thing you need to choose.

Conclusion : Dreams are dependent on information.