Need a job! Look no further > Free round trip to INDIA

We all have ambitions and goals. Some of you want to become kickass coders, designers or whatever it may be. But after reading so-many-follow-your-passion posts on, I also thought of pursuing my passion/stuff I like to do. And that is travelling.

In my 24 years of existence, I have touched upon nearly every continent in this world. I did my schooling from a private school in New Delhi, India, then went on to do a 8-month photography course in Auckland, New Zealand. At that time in 2010, I didn’t see any scope in the field of photography and so I left it midway. Eventually, I ended up doing a triple major bachelor's from Arizona State University, go Sun-devils. I completed my studies in 2015 and came back to India, where it all started.

Having studied in three different continents, I feel like I am a global citizen. I have been to the most remotest places of Asia, North America, South America and Oceania. Okay, I admit after reading through 300 words of what I have written thus far, you will feel I don’t belong here or my writing is below average. Well for those of you who are judging me right now, I don't give a *&$@ about your judgement. Continue reading if you want to know more about this wonderful travelling opportunity.

I started a travel company where we take a group of 5–10 people and take them on an adventure to the most remotest places in the Himalayas. Let me put some geography into your minds, the Himalayas stretch from Afghanistan in the North West to India to Nepal and China in the North East. So there are so many places like Manali, Mcleadganj, Dharamsala, Kasauni and many others, where people from all around the world come and visit. So yes, there are many small towns in the Himalayas which have breaktaking views and people go there to find peace or adventure or whatever they seek to

I have a team of three and we are looking to expand our team. We are looking for graphic designers, photographers, videographers and people who are in the creative fields and think can contribute to this startup. Did I mention that we got into Rise ALPHA conference in Hong Kong? Look it up on google if you wish to know more about it.

Here is what I want to do, plain and simple (talking like an entrepreneur).

  1. Disrupt the travel industry, no travel company in the world takes you on trips to the remotest parts of the Himalayas. And even if they do, they are way too expensive.
  2. We take people on trips and provide the greatest value for money. We take care of everything and offer them the best experience that we believe is possible. We take care of food, lodging, photos, videos, adventure, almost everything. The traveller needs to pay online on our website and show up. Rest is all managed by us.
  3. If you are a designer, photographer or a videographer and want to travel halfway across the world and learn a new culture, meet new people and travel like you have never before. This opportunity is for you. We would like to have you on our team.

I encourage you to email me, skype me or call me (if it is possible for you or else I will call you)and let's talk about making this startup a global venture. I want people from anywhere to reach out to me and talk about starting something cool and adventurous and memorable.

I pay for your tickets and accommodation. You come to India and work with us.

Provide your email addresses in the comments below and I will reach out to you.

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