5 days of learning and bonding

Learning is a slow and steady process but at Asian College of Journalism, it’s more of a roller coaster ride where you learn something new at every turn. As we worked under a deluge of assignments for the New Media module, I appraised myself for my decision at having chosen this stream. Starting from how Facebook feed works in concentric circles to detecting and questioning data provided by newspapers and governments, we heard it all and retained what interested us. The best part, however, was not what we were told and taught by our professors, but what we learnt outside the classroom.

Having found abundant Bengalis in the campus there were very few people I explored beyond the circle apart from exchanging courtesies and assignment deadlines. Being grouped with three other people from three different parts of India was stepping outside my comfort zone. As the day of documentary shoot proceeded and we scoured through streets of Chennai for shots that capture its essence; we bonded. We bonded with each selfie we took on a heated stone pavement in an ancient temple and with each bite of shared desserts in an unknown café over chocolate induced orgasms.

Working in a group makes you appreciate contributions of all, more so if it comes from an unexpected member. My camera skills acquired during my graduation days made me pass an unintended judgement; camera skill was lacking in the group. It was only when one of them proved me wrong by capturing a child on camera in a local train that I realised, a camera is just a device used for recording. Amateur framing, lack of head space or lack of cutting time at the end of the shot didn’t count as long as someone knew which element would capture a slice of Chennai.

Late night discussions and brain storms while sitting around a bucket of wet laundry with 20 people in the lawn makes you feel there is more to a class than just people brought together by alphabetical algorithm, it’s the excitement of creating something new with unexplored people and ideas.

Below is a small video shot and edited on my phone. The shots were taken for a group project we were working on during this week.