An honest letter to my Art and Craft teacher

Grievances from school days of an unsatisfied art loving student.

Dear Ma’am

Art and craft classes were always held on a double period at the end of the day, once a week, as much as my classmates considered it a period to have open access to chattering and considering it as a pseudo-free period with occasional threats of maintaining silence on your behalf; I always looked forward to this class.

Art and craft can never really be conducted with respect to a syllabi as such because creativity is a natural flow and the last thing to make it control it are grades and deadlines for submission and presentation. You never really let us create or ideate because we had to follow what our forefathers in the close to 150 year old institution had crafted as home decor items, or I guess they were made to create by the nuns who took the classes. I wish the items decided to be made at the beginning of each term were a little more modern and exciting to make than the boring cross stitches and animals made from pulses in our scrapbooks.

This piece still adorns my wall.

It was your inspiration and love for your respective subjects that made us fall in love with English, Biology, Maths, Physics and the rest. You made us fall in love with Shakespeare and the dance of elements on the periodic table so much that we considered them our passion and followed them further in our graduation and masters but why did you put art in the back seat? There was one student in your class who always wonders if only you would have been a little more passionate about telling her the bliss of creating with her own hands, she would have taken up a different career path and not art as a reclusive function for her stress.

This is a fridge cover with side pockets.

You do remember the art exhibition held at the end of each academic year, where it exhibited greater creativity on part of the parents than of the students. You failed to notice the finesse of the paper butterfly cutout stuck on the scrapbook apparently made by a 6 year old girl who has not yet been allowed to touch a pair of scissors or the cross stitched tiger face framed and displayed with a WINNER badge.

I know for sure that not all my classmates were interested in creating art pieces but I suppose some of them would have appreciated the pronounced feeling of being able to create with their hands had they been better motivated. The reverie of sitting in a corner and putting together bits and scraps to voice an idea in head would have surely helped in this stress injecting time. A little corner of peace to do the things we love doing is always a precious gift. My point being we were never really aroused enough to find out if we liked it or not as art and craft classes were imposed on us rather than letting us experience its therapeutic features.

An apron. You can still see my clumsy running stitches.

Lastly, I know may be you were never asked for your choice to take this period but I still wish there was a real art loving teacher taking these classes to make me fall in love with magic words ‘Create Art’ instead of realizing this as my passion for creating 6 years after I graduated from high school.

I do realize that the reason why I am able to pen down my thoughts today is you and I will never be able to thank you enough for all the things you did to make us what we are today but I only wish you had taught us better how to fall in love with a life long passion apart from books.

Your’s ever grateful student.

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