Journal of a new intern: Day 1

As a student of journalism,stepping inside a newsroom for the first time is one of those sacred moments you want to preserve forever.

First views of what hopefully will be a long journey.

I had the wonderful opportunity of interning for the official public service broadcaster of India, Doordarshan. Though highly criticised for its propagandist news of the government. On my very first day out in the field I got a brief on the type of news the channel highlights.

My press meet with the Governor of the state,Kesari Nath Tripathi.

One of them included excruciatingly following the Governor of the State all around.

The people at the news station are worth a million words. I was assigned under a motherly senior reporter who smilingly dismissed other fellow reporters claims of I being her daughter. The more I tagged along, greater the frequency of her smile.

You realise after a significant period of time that only people above the age of four decades work here, which would explain how easy it would be for you to come across people posing as avuncular guides through the massive campus, where getting lost is a common phenomenon.

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