Shopping make-up virtually

Snapchat face filters have take over for a long time. From the screaming bunny to the licking dog; its fun to see yourself wear a cowboy hat virtually. Besides, Snapchat’s make-up face filters give you serious goals when it comes to its perfectly drawn winged eye-liner and matte red lipstick.

Virtual beauty has become an addiction with apps like YouCam which gives you virtual insights as to how well blonde fringes will frame your face.

If only these apps could help you shop for the perfect shade of lipstick without having to imagine the shade on your lips while seeing it on a Kylie Jenner lipped model.

While YouCam has mastered the art of showing you which tone of foundation looks best on your face, the app will serve a more real purpose if those tones could be recreations of actual shades of cosmetic brands, then the whole concept of make-up shopping will be revolutionized.

It is understood that there will be technical glitches in actualization of lipstick and eye shadow shades in their entirety but once done, it would mean customers get to order their virtually tried and chosen shade directly using the app without having to step out of their home to sneakily try the new Mac #423 on their lips.

Technology is working hard to fit the world in your phone even if it means you shop in isolation without trying dresses of myriad colours amidst your disapproving friends. If the future is indeed set to keep you in your home by trading reality for a virtual world then there is not reason why you should need to try the new lipstick range on your palm.

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