Because we will always regret.

A few nights ago, a dear friend came over to talk. So we did. We spoke about the work we do, the life we want to live and the relationships that we are too afraid to take a chance with.

Among the many things that are told to us, we are often posed with this age old adage, ‘Live a life free of regret.’ This phrase comes to us in different forms and structures. But is it really possible to not regret anything during this limited time that we have assigned to living?


There will always be trade offs that we are forced to make. Choose one over the other. And the choice that we make guide us into a route where we will never know what could have become of us if we choose the other.

Now, I am a fool. Because I rush in.

‘I don’t want to regret if I choose to be with her,’ is what he finally confessed. ‘She and I are too different to last.’ That’s what got me thinking. He was worried all the time. Confused and in constant flux. He didn’t what his future would be like with her or without her. A situation that I could identify with. That several others have struggled with. Same applies to choices professionally. And truth be told, all is despair about regretting can be emptying and exhausting.

We more often than not, examine that finite time assigned to living constantly under a microscope. We dissect the possibility of one route that we may choose so brutally that we forget the joy of simply rushing in.

Maybe thats just me. And many others need to know for sure that the outcome of a choice will take them to a version of living that they aspire. But truth be told, in any equation, we never can be in complete control of the outcome. for if it goes astray and things fall apart, we will end up with regret.

One way or the other regret is imminent.

As a writer, I thrive on regret. It fuels my work. Lends itself to my imagination and expands my horizon of living. Which is why I am happy to regret.

But then, that’s just me.

Many others in my universe struggle to cope with the things they’ve left behind. The trips they didn’t take. The money they didn’t spend. And the loves they didn’t love.

They confuse their grief with anger which then leaves them desperate to take drastic measures to aspire to living a life with no regret.Do you know anyone in your life who has done that?

Think hard.

I suppose not.

Even the most successful leaders in the world, opinion makers and icons have a closet full of chances that they didn’t take to reach their current life status.

So why should we spend our healthy productive minds indulging in stories of what could have been or should have been, when we can discover a way to celebrate regret.

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