12 Signs that you are READY to Attract Your Soul Mate

In my intuitive coaching practice, women often ask me when they will find love.

Although I may stray away from answering this question directly, I have a special knack for seeing what it is that’s blocking a woman from attracting love, and how in vibrational resonance she is to is to attracting her soul-mate.

You see, what women don’t realize is that when their soul & body is completely in alignment and ready for partnership, love will magnetically find her. It’s not what we “do” to attract love that matters, it’s who we become. Yet the other hidden secret is that there’s much we could do to ready our inner being.

This comes partially from resolving the inner divides and parts of ourselves that are out of alignment with the truth of who we are.

When a woman becomes fully in alignment with herself, and steps into the life she was meant to become, the universe listens and responds in magical ways.

12 signs that a woman is about to attract her soulmate

1. Her dreams will be more pleasurable, more creative and energetic. She will dream more and for some the dreams will be colorful. She may experience dreams of love, even if it’s in the form of a pet or aspects of a past lover.

2. Prior to finding “the one,” she’ll date men who have more of the attributes she’s looking for in a partner than she has found in the past. Perhaps she’ll date men that are more accomplished, respect her more as a woman, men she converses well with and finds the dynamic easy and playful.

3. Many of the people she used to consider “friends” will begin to feel more distant. She may even feel the need to complete some of her relationships altogether. This is because her vibrational set point is changing at a rapid rate, and the vibration she attracted friends of the past with is now outdated and she is ready to call in a new, higher (or different) vibration of friends. She may feel a temporary state of isolation that she surprisingly finds comfort with. For this allows her to focus inwards even more.

4. The external validation from others that she needed in the past will no longer be needed. She feels comfortable enough from within that she doesn’t need to go to the next party looking super hot to get the accolades she craves. Or be complimented for her efforts at work.

5. The woman will loose interest in dating. She’ll get so absorbed into her own passions and goals that her focus and interest will be turned away from finding “the one.”

6. The woman will have final completion or forgiveness with men of the past. This includes her father and past lovers. All mental and physical contracts will be compete, leaving within her a space of resolution and peace.

I spent about 2 years trying to get my name off of a real estate deal I co-signed with a past lover. And my partner was ending a grueling divorce case with his X that took over a year. It was June 2016 that both of us finalized the ending of these contracts and literally the week after he signed the dotted line of his divorce papers, we decided to move in together and take our relationship to the next level.

7. There will be a shift in her relationship with her parents. Although they may not see or sense the change, the triggers that used to be there will no longer have as much power over you. You care less about trying to have them see you a certain way because you have become more comfortable in who you are.

8. The woman will find a new found sense of clarity in what it is she truly wants where she realizes she doesn’t have to settle for less or compromise. In other words she gets clear about what it is and then begins to step into the belief that she really can have it.

For myself, because I was 43 and still struggling to find love, I realized I would just have to settle for never having a family of my own and by this age, most men I dated already had a child or children of their own and that I’d just have to learn to accept the role of step mom. However, when I turned 44 (just before meeting my soul-mate), I realized I wanted a man that was fully available for me and didn’t have to divide his time between me and another. I got clear that I was worthy of finding a man who wanted to fully devote himself to me and even the possibility of creating a family with me.

9. She will have less concern as to what other’s think. She’ll speak her mind more freely with less attachment as to the outcome. She will begin to tap into a subtle yet divine force of will or power from within.

10. Sex- Although the woman may be very open to sex, she won’t “need” sex or sexuality. This is because her 2nd chakra needs are fulfilled through the exploration and utilization of her creativity, passion, and through activities that help her to move this energy (such as exercise).

11. She will feel more settled in her home. Men want a place to “nest.” A symbolic lap to lay their head down upon when days are tiresome.

I spent 5 years remodeling the interior of my home, painting and repainting my walls. Finally the day came when I felt complete. Now love will find me I thought. However, a few months later I rented out my home and the guy who rented it said everything in my house was great except it lacked a bedside lamp on both sides of the bod.

I spent the next couple of weeks finding the perfect lamp. Then one morning I woke up at 6am, I knew where to go to buy this lamp. I hopped into my car, and bought this lamp, set it by my bedside and wala, it fit perfectly. That afternoon, I spontaneously decided to call a new guy friend and see if he was free for a hike. This was the first day of the relationship with my 1st love.

12. The woman’s heart or 4th Chakra will begin to open more. She’ll feel a renewed sense of love for herself and others. A greater sense of generosity.


I might add, this list above applies primarily to woman in their 30’s and 40’s who are stepping forward in some way shape or form into their spiritual path.

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