Divine signs and messages from the universe are occurring all around us.

Most of us will just pass over such signs without even making a mere notice of them. For instance, we may make a statement and just as we do the lightening strikes. For most of us, we’ll think nothing of it. Yet, maybe, and just maybe, this is the universe’s way of placing an emphasis or an exclamation mark after the statement you just said.

We can think of such signs as the universe’s way of communicating with us. Helping us to take our blinders off when we’re stuck or mono-focused, or during times when we just might be in need of some extra guidance.

Last weekend, I was up at Tahoe with my family and I went for a morning hike on a cold overcast day. As I walked through a forest trail, I had the thought, perhaps I should reflect upon the issues my husband and I had been having and take time to meditate. While in the midst of this thought, a tree stump with the perfect smooth seat presented itself. It seemed almost as if it was placed there on the trail just for me. The message I heard from the universe was “yes, it’s time for you to stop reflect and meditate.”

Last week, I had several continuous days of quarrels with my husband. I woke up a couple days ago and as I opened up the blinds in the living room, I noticed there was a hammer sitting on the relationship alter that was left there from when I hung a photo. The message I heard from the universe was, “It’s time to remove the hammer and soften.”

Several months ago when I was looking for an editor for my book I was flipping through loads of responses to my craigslist posting. In overwhelm with so many options, I went for a bike ride. On the ride I was stopped by a train and had to wait for it to pass. As I waited, I randomly started thinking about the scene in the movie Five Green Tomatoes when the boy got his foot stuck in the train tracks and was run over by the train. It probably had been over a decade since I’d seen this movie.

Low and behold, the 1st editor I had a conversation with was the original writer of this book. If that’s not a sign! She was the one and only editor I contacted despite receiving dozens of responses to my add.

As you hone your attention towards the divine signs and messages from the universe, this will sharpen your 6th chakra, the seat of your intuition. Your navigation and guidance center. And just the opposite is true as well.

As you sharpen your intuition, and connect more deeply within yourself as well as with source consciousness, more signs will reveal themselves to you. Practicing the art of listening and receiving such messages from the universe is a craft. It takes practice. It takes quieting the noise within and all around you.

How do you know what the sign or signal means or if it’s even a sign at all you might be wondering?

The answer to the first question is, it’s the obvious answer that may or may not be so obvious in the moment. The thing you’ll look back upon and say “Ah ha, of course.”

Such as when your feeling trapped in your situation and you walk outside and see a flock of birds flying freely across the beautiful blue sky. HMMM what might this mean?

Sometimes we feel like we get a smack on the face, such as when we sustain an injury or get fired from our job. Or our partners have an affair behind our backs. In situations like that, what we most likely fail to see is the possibility of this actually being what I’ll term, a “divine intervention,” inviting us to let go of the past and welcome something new or different into our lives. Deep inside, perhaps the outcomes of such situations is what we really wanted all along. I’m not talking about the injury itself being what you want. Or our partners leaving or deceiving us.

It may even take months if not years to look back and say something to the effect of, “It’s because of ______ I’m now _________(more clear with what I want, able to appreciate life more, with a partner who treats me with respect, at a job I’m passionate about etc). When we block ourselves from receiving such divine interventions, this is when we overstay our time at a job or in a relationship etc. This is often the point at which physical ailments occur.

It’s possible that in the past, you’ve been subconsciously blocking such divine messages as well as divine interventions from presenting themselves. Perhaps the timing just wasn’t right. Or perhaps you just didn’t want to see and receive the information. Whatever the reason, I encourage you to open your eyes and lay witness to what comes your way starting today.

The universe wants you to know that you are not alone and that the support you need abounds you. The guidance you need for whatever situation you’re in is present and available.


Shara Ogin is a psychic intuitive, a coach, teacher, and Feldenkrais somatic practitioner. Shara is passionate about helping clients to achieve greater success, balance and harmony in their lives, relationships, and careers.

To find out about her upcoming events or to book a 1:1 reading, please email sharaogin@gmail.com or visit her webpage at: sharaogin.com