The fastest way to convert timezones

Times have changed (pun fully intended) — our entire social life looks different now. We haven’t met any of our friends in person in over 6 weeks. However, a new trend emerged — we’re taking more effort to keep in touch with family and friends. As an immigrant living in the US, I‘ve not been great at keeping in touch with folks back in India. With the newly found “free” time, we jumped on a Zoom with cousins across 3 continents for the first time ever and it was a LOT of fun. …

I ran into the dreaded “200 resources limit” on AWS CloudFormation. This article discussed how to workaround it.

All of DashOne’s back-end runs on AWS and uses AWS CloudFormation via serverless to manage the infrastructure. This is my first time using this backend strategy and I am very happy about it. However, after a few weeks of smooth usage, I ran into the dreaded “200 resources limit”.

You should check out this great article which gives the backstory on the error and discusses various workarounds. Based on that, I chose to split the service into smaller microservices. That’s easy enough…


A service that will deliver clothes directly to your hotel or AirBnB at check-in and pick up the used clothes when you check out.


Let’s take the example of a startup founder who is away 3 nights for work. Most importantly, she does NOT have a corporate expense account. Every dime she saves during this trip will help keep her startup afloat. Back to her trip — She needs business suits for formal meetings during the day and casual outfits for the evening. She also needs her essentials, accessories, shoes etc etc., you get the point. Next step is to…

TLDR: A quick introduction to If you don’t care and just need to provide feedback, click here. Use this sample receipt if needed.

Ok, it’s not really free. McDonald’s has a “Buy 1 Get 1 Free Quarter Pounder” offer if you complete a short survey using the receipt from a previous visit. Sounds easy right?

The problem

Each McDonald’s receipt contains a 26-digit(?!?!) code which is awfully painful to enter in their website at Depending on your keyboard ninja skills, it could take a while to enter this code on a phone.

The solution

I built a tiny tool that will scan…

It takes 7 taps and 30 seconds to update your status through the Slack mobile app.

It shouldn’t.

TLDR: A quick introduction to Status Switcher for Slack iOS app. If you don’t care and just need to download, check it out in the AppStore.

If you use Slack, you’ve probably heard about the new custom status feature that was released in April 2017. If not, you should read their announcement. IMO, this is one of the most useful features in today’s distributed workplace. Thank you for building this, Slack! While the feature is awesome, it could do better on mobile…

This article explains how to integrate a SpriteKit based game into a React Native app.


I set out to build a simple 2D iOS game during my Christmas staycation to realize my long time dream of game development. You can find the game at Having already developed Eat or Not using React Native, it was my first choice for mobile app development. Though RN performance is awesome for simple transitions and animations, it’s not meant to be game engine. After some researching, I picked Apple’s SpriteKit as my game engine.

SpriteKit is a graphics rendering and animation infrastructure that…

Bottom line on top

Implement a 4-way swipe navigation across views declaratively in under 20 lines, no Javascript!

Though I don’t use Snapchat, I’m a big fan of their swipe navigation. I personally think more apps should implement swipe navigation as its easier on the thumb. With screen size increasing every new release, its getting harder to reach the buttons in the top nav. I could write a full story on my frustrations with mobile navigation patterns, but, that’s for another day…

An experiment to improve image loading experience on slower connections.

Bottom line on top:

Here’s a screencast of a simulated 3G experience. The basic Image component is used on the left pane and a custom component on the right. Like the enhanced experience on the right? Read on.

Simulated 3G network. Left: Basic ; Right: Progressive

I started working on an image centric app recently and quickly realized that the default Image tag is plain when it comes to user experience. When loading a decent size image, depending on the connection, it could take a few seconds before the image is available.

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