Status Switcher for Slack

Sharath Prabhal
2 min readMay 15, 2017

It takes 7 taps and 30 seconds to update your status through the Slack mobile app.

It shouldn’t.

TLDR: A quick introduction to Status Switcher for Slack iOS app. If you don’t care and just need to download, check it out in the AppStore.

If you use Slack, you’ve probably heard about the new custom status feature that was released in April 2017. If not, you should read their announcement. IMO, this is one of the most useful features in today’s distributed workplace. Thank you for building this, Slack! While the feature is awesome, it could do better on mobile. Let me tell you why…

The Why?

I try to be responsive on Slack during and outside of my business hours. My primary use of a custom status is to let my team know why I’m not replying.

My first won’t respond status is during my morning commute. I used to get into my car and switch my status to “🚗 Commuting”. After a few days, I realized it takes me 7 taps and 30 seconds to execute this simple mundane task!?!?! I also realized that the 4 default status messages provided by Slack aren’t the ones I’m frequently using. After giving it some thought over a few weeks, I decided to build a widget to simplify the process over a weekend. After a weekend of coding, Appstore review and Slack review — Tada!

The What?

Simple — Customize your top status messages and quickly set one.

Use the app to customize your top 4 status messages and use the widget to quickly set one.


In the AppStore!

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