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Hello medium!

A paradigm that made us differ

My name is Sharbani, and I belong to the Earth, this Solar System, our very own Milky Way and finally the Universe. More than being an Indian, I feel well…pertaining to be inclined to the idea of evolution, Hello! I am a human.

Being a geologist, I am inclined to the more known fact that is-there was a big supercontinent which got divided into different continents by virtue of physical processes, then by virtue of the anthropological evolution it got divided furthermore and gradually political boundaries came into existence.

But any merit I see out of any division, is diversity ! There are innovations flowing in the air, creativity, preserving of traditions, interesting ideas sprouting in different minds. If everything was monochrome, we wouldn’t have enjoyed the rainbow, if deserts were the only landscapes we wouldn’t have enjoyed the mountains, rains,beaches and valleys etc.

Well, as a newcomer to Medium, I thank the corporation for being a bridge to connect all who bring manifolds of ideas from many more diversities that exist. Thank you for unifying all diversities and presenting it in a platform where we can enjoy your and our success as well as nurture our own knowledge and jot down our penchants.



Vasudhaiva kutumbam

(World is one family)

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