The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend?

I saw a friend post jokingly post on Facebook that their spouse had asked them to do the laundry, and their response was to share that they cracked 220. This, of course paying tribute to President Trump’s stupid remark to a reporter’s question about anti-Semitism. See below:

Yeah, let’s laugh at the orange lunatic. He’s asinine, his speaking grade level is barely out of elementary school, and for the zillionth time, he didn’t answer the question. It’s hysterical, until you know, it’s about your people. I should come out and say I did not vote for Donald Trump, and I’m Jewish.

As a frequent watcher and reader of what’s dubbed the liberal media, let’s go right to the leftiest of the lefties. Rachel Maddow. My occasional spirit animal. After that press conference, the Maddow Blog featured this post entitled Trump’s preoccupation with his election does more harm than good. Of course, I agree: his preoccupation with poll numbers is deeply troubling. It prevents governing from happening.

Yet, instead of demanding an answer (I’m looking at you too, Prime Minister Netanyahu), more outlets and comedians are just using it as comedic material and late night talk show fodder. I’ll admit, the idea of Jared Kushner being able to broker peace in the Middle East is laughable. But are people laughing because they know Kushner has no experience, or are they laughing because no matter what President Trump does, they immediately align with the opposite?

Being a never-Trump is really popular. It encourages people to shop at Nordstrom but do we ever stop to think about why we’re doing these things? But my fear is that media, who three days ago would villainize Israel and ignore bomb threats in Jewish Federations, will now jump on the media laugh-train bandwagon. If I follow, not addressing anti-Semitism is, by transitive property, the incorrect thing to do. Shouldn’t it have always been that way? The never-Trumps’ playbook is just to be President Trump on Opposite Day.

It’s difficult to be a Jewish voter with liberal leanings. How do you vote for someone who supports gay marriage but also fails to acknowledge the loss of American life in Israel by a suicide bomber? How can you support a news outlet that espouses a shared value of welcoming people into your country but then tells Israel that it should do the same with knife-wielding terrorists? Why is it now cool to be Jewish when last month, it was okay to firebomb a German synagogue as an act of protest?

The trope of the Jewish beggar is frequent in literature and in real life. Jewish people even have a Yiddish word for it: schnorrer (although I’m sure each religion has their own version. I don’t think begging is intrinsically Jewish). It’s a commandment to be charitable. But Jewish people are strong. We’re not begging for pity when its trendy. We’re asking for your support against anti-Semitism when this story blows over in our fluctuating news cycle, and a bomb threat where my mom teaches at a Jewish Day school doesn’t fill the publication’s void. I guess people like to laugh until they’re uncomfortable.

To those new allies who are just joining the fight against anti-Semitism because they want to do what Donald Trump won’t do: welcome, but where the hell were you before?