L💜v34OneAnother O(+>

Prince was touched.

From the very beginning, a child prodigy who became a musical genius.

He came from a spirit-filled family and his works are filled with both sexual (the human side) and spiritual (the God side).

See, we're all God's children.

I believe that Prince knew his purpose, fulfilled it, and when he was done, he went back home. All u really need to do is listen to the Affirmations on Art Official Age.

Yes, he knew his time was nearing its end. After the final Atlanta show he tweeted that he had been transformed. Those Piano & A Microphone shows were his last gifts to us. If u noticed, he made sure to play around the world in major cities.

Prince has always left "clues" in his music. He always stayed the same, just trying to reach the masses with his message of L💜ve4OneAnother.

I believe that God sends people to Earth to share specific information so that humanity can learn compassion and become a united front for love. God is Love. Prince loved God. Now we must L💜v3OneAnother. Peace O(+>

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