Causes and symptoms of depression in woman

Depression is not confined to one gender. It affects more women than men and causes and symptoms of depression in women are different from the men. The causes may range from different sources such as female hormone changes to reaction of a lady to stress to social pressure.

Depression often Mental health Care in Delhi affects all part of the life of a person, whether the person is woman or man. It affects social life, leads to lack of interest in all aspect of life, reduces sense of self- worth, and has negative impact on personal relations.

Biological causes -

Biological issue of hormone fluctuation during menstrual cycle produces fatigue, irritability; bloating and emotional reactivity, which can lead to depression or mild depression. The hormonal changes occurring during pregnancy also contribute to the depression, especially among the lady who is prone to it. The case of miscarriage, unwanted pregnancy, or infertility is other causes in this category.

The menopause and stage leading to the menopause, when reproductive hormone fluctuates rapidly are the one of the main cause of the depression. The chronic health issues also contribute to the depression among patients in both the genders.

Psychological causes –

Besides biological causes, there are some psychological issues as well, which maintain or increase the chances of depression in the woman. The woman tends to think more on some issues during mild depression, they do not communicate openly about their reason for depression. The tendency to ruminate on feeling retains the depression than dissipate it. The woman is more likely to feel stress under pressure conditions, which increases their depression chances. It is also believed that their sex hormone prevents turning off stress hormone system.

Social causes include failed marriage, relationship, difficulty in balancing private life and professional life .and situations which lead to feeling of helplessness, useless etc may also contribute to the cases.

Symptoms of depression-

The symptoms of depressing are Mental health Care in Delhi NCR common in man and woman and range from low mood , lack of interest in life or in activities, which she one used to enjoy, to feeling of uselessness , hopelessness and worthlessness . The other sings are disturbance in sleep, where person either sleeps more or cannot sleep at all. Lack of appetite and weight change, difficulty in concentration and in worse cases, the person gets suicidal thoughts. The recurrent thoughts of death also occur.The lack of person care or neglect of personal hygiene may also occur in some cases.