However, in this current climate, the language of equality/political correctness has taken on a secondary function of being a class indicator.
Gentrification and Ghost Towns
Emma Lindsay

Which is totally not surprising. The reason is that human mind requires clustering, classification and labeling of things. So much, that it (thus the person carrying that mind around) even fights for the right to do so. This leads to the tribal behavior of human.

PC is just one of the possible ways people can feel that they belong to a tribe, a cluster of people who think their way: think everyone is equal, etc. But actually this is not the case. They unconsciously behave like a tribe: everyone is equal in this tribe, and everyone outside is also equal: equally lower than us, people of the tribe.

This has nothing to do with liberalism, PC is just a jargon, an argot created by people who thought they are morally and intellectually superior to others. The way I think it is: they are conservative. They are far from being liberal, and I hate to see that liberalism, the love of freedom (of peach, choice, etc.) is mixed up with PC.

I am liberal. I think people are equal in a lot of ways, but I think we are different in a lot of others, otherwise we would not be able to survive as a species. But I think PC is mostly bullshit, overreaction and endless source of useless phrases which will solve nothing, just hide problems.

But back to the topic: I think the ones who currently blame liberals for all problems around us forget that they also just follow a tribal behavior pattern by trying to define themselves as part of a community with a definite enemy: the liberals.

The whole article does the thing it — as a first look — appears to go against. You write, liberals have changed their view only because it was rewarding, to think they are better people was the motivation, but the real one was that they were the winners of globalization… I don’t know, but you kinda look like you think they are greedy bastards, who seem to be the not-so-good people, while you (who blames them) is the good one. This is again, tribal behavior. Them, the (white) liberals, and us, the ones, who see, what’s really going on.

You know… nothing will get ever better. Same patterns I see, different labels.

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