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White paper:

What is Regulus

Regulus Exchange is a self-financed cryptocurrency exchange project started in January 2018, especially designed for mobile. The platform has been designed to be completely autonomous, a place where its users can have everything at their disposal. Regulus’s goal is to have nothing to subcontract and everything available in one place.
Whether it is with the real-time alert notifications, dividends, weekly lottery, desktop wallet or even our hosting solution for your Masternodes, you will have all-in-one via the Regulus platform.

The Current Market

If you’re reading this Whitepaper, you’re most likely aware of what happened lately. After the 2017 euphoria, 2018 seems gloomy . Investors are losing patience and are becoming worried, due to among other things the numerous scams via ICOs. After every rebound the Market runs out of steam and you have to react as fast as possible if you don’t want to give up too. But how can you efficiently react when you’re not at home? Or even at home, when the platform you’re using offers a poor quality service.

Our Community:

Essential aspect of our platform, we put our community to a level never seen before. For us, without community there can be no project. We are and will do everything possible to satisfy you, via many possibilities. Whether it is through the reduction of fees, dividends or a new lottery, we will already allow the owners of our Token to obtain benefits, and be rewarded for their trust in our platform. Each user will be able to give us his opinion, ideas some could even be realized if they are considered important by our team. Of course, each person offering an idea that ends up being realized will be rewarded via RGLS, as for anyone who sees a bug and reports it to us, for example. We make a point of honour to have a listening and fast Support. For us it is an essential requirement and everything will be done to make it as effective as possible. Finally our Premium users will have access to the Community Box. Thanks to this one, they will be able to vote to see their favorite crypto be listed for free, or to bet on which will have the strongest explosion the day after each vote. Winners will obviously get RGLS.

Background: The Problem

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency have been said to be among the greatest inventions after the Internet. It has created a whole new world of unlimited possibilities, especially in the realm of finance. It has helped to decentralized financial resources by creating a peer-to-peer ecosystem that is trustless, with an immutable public ledger that cannot be manipulated by the powers that be, for self-gain.

At the center of this is Cryptocurrency Exchanges; both Centralized and Decentralized. In simple terms, these are platforms that create avenues for trading cryptocurrencies, more like what Forex Brokers are to Forex. One of the core importance of Crypto Exchanges is that they create liquidity which drives the growth of the crypto world.

A token to rule them all

At the heart of our ecosystem is the Regulus Token (RGLS). It will allow you to use all our Premium features and the majority of the supply is only allocated to our community.
To get some Token you can participate in our airdrop or our future bounty campaign. It will also be listed on some exchanges before our platform comes online.

Total Supply: 60,000,000
Team: 15%
Marketing & Exchanges: 10%
Advisors: 5%
Reserve: 10%
Community: 60%

Please note that 50% of the team supply is also blocked (25% 6 months after the release of the platform and 25% at the end of the first year).
The supply concerning our community will be distributed via Airdrop, Lottery, Dividend, Bounty etc.

Road Map

The Team

Our Core Team is composed of financial analysts, private investors, as well as developers, the marketing team plus our Advisors. We have worked hard to bring together an experienced team in each area so that we have nothing to outsource and that our project is completely autonomous.

Our teams have been working on the project for several months and we are proud of our progress. We wanted at all costs to have something to unveil before we get to know the general public, unlike an ICO. We currently have more than 10 people working full time on Regulus, and recruitment continues. We know how important it is for our community to know who they are dealing with. This is why our Core Team will be fully revealed at the release of the platform.

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