In Alternate Universe

A ridicules idea of charging separately for VOIP is part of big telecom policy change plan and has happy ending.

In alternate universe — a mystical country named India was blessed with young entrepreneur who started his first company with merely 20,000 INR borrowed from his Politician father who happens to be Member of Parliament (Upper house). From making crankshafts for bicycle manufactures, in 16 years he successfully bid for one of the four mobile phone network licenses auctioned in India.

Fast forward 20 Years from he got license- his company became India’s largest and world’s 4th Largest mobile company. But he was concern about something, india’s lack of regulatory framework and colonial mindset of treating telecom as a luxury and not really as utility or necessity service, this was keeping him awake.

He decided to take matter in his own hand, but then he is smart and experienced enough to deal with India in a way India understand. There is no point of lobbying or funding political campaigns, they are still solving “Roti-Kapada-Makan” problem, anything else is in luxury category which is marked as Priority Zero.

After-all he is aware of his abilities, the same that he used to build his business till now, he was going to use it for the sake of people this time.

His company announced to charge separately for VOIP over there network. He know this would really upset lot of Indians, lot of people will ask — can they really do this? is this even legal? and then they would discover, yes — this is legal because of non-existence of regulatory framework.

In a mystical land of India which has historical legacy of more than 5000–10000 Years, people haven’t lost there touch of soil, priorities are still right. But his stunt, would make really good noise, people would come out (on internet) and speak up, government telecom authority would have to come out and explain what is missing. And when they do that, they would end-up telling what evil plans they have for people of this country. The regulatory framework that they are planning to put in place under pre-text of leveling the field for telecom giants to compete with OTT startups, people would be able to see through it for what it is. There would be long posts on social media, email campaigns, online petitions, a call for dumping mobiles and going back to landlines (or even burning smartphones in order to protest — Chinese phones of course ). Government of mystical land, will wake up, will accept the fact that Telecom should come under utility services, its not where government makes money from, but rather work with private companies to make sure it reaches to all its citizens as one of the fundamental services.

He planned this all along, he has already given Padma Bhushan, India’s third highest civilian honor, but after this he will get Bharat-ratna as all those happy internet users from all corners of India will file online petition to give him the highest honor of India.

I hope, I could be part of that alternate universe, where there is happy ending to this !