The dark truth of purpose… will you ever be enough?

Purpose. Is it fleeting? Grounded for a lifetime? The red carpet to life? A reason for being alive? Or is life less fatalistic and more nuanced than that?

Being in San Francisco puts an insurmountable pressure on people. If the city buzz, traffic, and sirens aren’t enough to shake you up, there’s the fact that it’s on of the most expensive places to live in the country.

And that doesn’t come without a price.

Social pressure to be enough.
Interesting enough.
Rich enough.
Connected enough.
Successful enough.
Unique enough.
Press worthy…

And the reality is, there’s no ceiling to that — enoughness is an ever raising bar. There’s no stopping. Little reflection and lots of “hustle.”

When do we stop? When do we take a step back and stop asking people “what they do” or where they work and truly care about their character? When can we afford to look in the mirror and feel lovable, to feel like we’re ENOUGH?

Right here. Right now. Without the outfit. Without the startup (in the case of San Francisco). Without the masks that we hide behind to belong and feel worthy.

Sure, innovation is sexy. Creation addictive and even primal. But how do we feel in this venture backed city with on-demand everything and the hum drum of social upsizing?

We criticize. Fear. Run. Push. Yell. Tell. Name drop. Party hop. Talk.

Do our relationships with each other reflect our relationship with the economy? Fear and greed; our guiding lights. Transaction, an axiom for survival?

What if we woke up and felt happy to be alive in this moment, comfortable with our flaws, surrendering to our aging bodies? Who would we be? What would we do? How would we live? Where would we spend our time? What would we ask when we met someone new? Would we have more space for empathy? In turn, how would our financial systems reflect this?

Do we really need to “save the world?” From what? Exactly who needs saving?
If you wake up, starving for acceptance, hopeful to make millions, motivated to be on the cover of Inc., rushing through every experience and meeting trying to get somewhere, anywhere that feels better — you need to start at home, with yourself first.

Where is it exactly that you’re going? Do you feel like you have to earn your right to exist? And what’s driving you? If you felt like you were enough just for being alive, would anything change? How would you judge other people or would you even need to?

What if all of this is just an amusement park on the way to discover that we don’t have to do anything or be anyone different than we are to be enough? Just a charade of possession and rearrangement of stuff on the path to discovery of something deeper…

How we give defines how we receive. How we relate is our reality.

We can collectively change this by living from a frame of love, giving our friends and family permission to be who they are — moment by moment, ceasing to assign value based on perception, and by offering an equal share of compassion for every individuated human experience.

The social transformation of enoughness is key to evolving the economy. To create new structures in the material world, we must start as locally as we can — with ourselves.

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