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Since its start in 2014, we at ShareCloth have always operated on the assumption that a digital 3D sample of a garment is more than just a picture for product development.

In 2016, we presented proprietary desktop editor for creation of 3D samples of garments and a cloud-based instrument for team collaboration.

In 2018, we brought to market a solution for on-demand sales and manufacturing of apparel

Today, we are happy to present the final key component of our ecosystem, the digital body passport for retail customers called BodyPass.

For the customers it looks like a mobile app…

Ed Gribbin, a long-time senior executive of the global fashion innovations company Alvanon and currently the president of Gribbin Strategic, well known as the expert on fashion innovation and sustainability, gave a webinar presentation on apparel waste and ways to combat it.

People often ask, what’s the point of customizable on-demand clothing and fashion sustainability, when the fashion business offers its clients so much variety for such low prices that it’s possible to simply buy apparel, wear it once, and throw it away?

The figures and quotes that Mr.Gribbin cited in his presentation explain very well why the current fashion…

On October 11 ShareCloth CEO will join the On-Demand Manufacturing, Customization & Made-to-Order panel discussion that will be held as part of Pi Apparel Milano

One of the world’s leading events devoted to fashion industry innovations is once again bringing together forward-looking professionals from all over Europe.

Europe’s fashion hub becoming fashion tech hub

The forum’s business program is sure to be packed with interesting topics. One of the trends that’s going to be presented to the participants will be the on-demand manufacturing model.

Our CEO Sergey Moliavko will be one of the speakers of this panel discussion.

We have put together the key questions that are…

June 20, 2018, NYC.

ShareCloth announces the start of commercial testing of its On-demand apparel retail and manufacturing service.

At an invitation-only event held in Soho, the company’s CEO spoke about this model’s enormous potential with the journalists, business partners and fashion retail reps.

With the help of this solution from ShareCloth, apparel retail will be able to optimize its stocks, offer the clients mass customization and demonstrate much greater flexibility in general.

The problem of stocks and backlogs is proving to be an enormous challenge for the fashion industry. H&M alone declares that its backlog of unsold garments is…

Real customers of the ShareCloth’ demo apparel on-demand mobile app

Being to the industry more than 4 years we know a lot not only about the software we develop but about the business side. So now, standing for the potential of the on-demand model we know what we’re talking about.

In April, we were testing our brand new software solution for manufacturing garments on demand by ourselves, and invited all the interested women to become our test subjects in exchange for an absolutely free dress.

So, first, the numbers. We collected the names of over 70 people on our waiting list, and spent the next four days sending out the…

Dear all,

Greetings from ShareCloth. We’ve kept under the radar recently, but now have some great news for you.

This June, we are happy to present our new solution called ShareCloth On-Demand. This is a solution that will directly connect fashion retail and garment manufacturers, enabling on-demand operations of manufacturing the garments after they have been purchased by the customer.

ShareCloth ODM changes the way how fashion business operates by changing order of the two core steps with its solution for both parties of the process

Why on-demand?

ShareCloth on-demand enables both parties to derive financial benefits while improving the speed and efficiency of their operations.

Fashion retail is given an opportunity to abandon mass production, reduce investment risks, increase flexibility and reinforce sustainability, while — and this…

For several years now, and with growing regularity the brands have been presenting reports and making declarations on their digital experience at industry events and in the media.

Looks ambitious. And what about your brand digital experience?

There’s no doubt that each brand and business decides how it envisions its digital experience. It may be online retail and merchandising, or omni-channel communications, mobile commerce or even more innovative channels. It all also depends on the business’ overall goals.

I would like to list the pillars which we consider foundational for the apparel brand’s digital experience:

Clothing. All of the brands…

After prolonged silence on social media, the ShareCloth team is presenting a new product — an online virtual fitting & digital merchandising platform for the fashion business.

To fill the awkward void, the company’s press service has asked its CEO — Sergey Moliavko to answer the most frequently asked questions.

- Let us start with an easy one: what has been ShareCloth doing since it was last mentioned in the media in May?

- We worked a lot (laughs). We focused our efforts on pilot projects, platform development and R&D.

- Ok, let’s talk about R&D then. On the company’s…

A cloud-based platform for the interactive fashion content of the future.

This new platform from ShareCloth will turn your clients’ body measurements into a powerful instrument of online marketing, digital merchandizing, sales, and analysis.

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3D retail allows for fast integration of a virtual dressing room into your website, mobile application or virtual reality with no additional software development.

“We are convinced that today’s consumers require new interactive formats of engagement and online shopping, and believe that inspiring interactive experience of virtual fitting offered to the clients will become our key to the future development of the fashion retail business,” says Sergey Moliavko, CEO of ShareCloth.

The platform is geared towards online retail companies: e-brands, online stores, marketplaces and vertical brands.

Join us today!

The ShareCloth team is happy to announce a new software solution for 3D garment designers — fashion innovators who create clothes using 3D printers.

The new application, an OS X and Windows-compatible editor, will enable the creation and customisation of apparel design and cut, including the import of traditional garment patterns with further fitting, for their subsequent production using 3D printer technology.

There are no easy fixes for 3D garment design today. If a fashion designer wants to print something out, he has to use complicated 3D editors that were designed for other tasks. …


We are a cloud-based solution that connects apparel retail and manufacturing, allowing business to manufacture the garments after the purchase is made

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