Digital brand experience is the fashion business’ new black

For several years now, and with growing regularity the brands have been presenting reports and making declarations on their digital experience at industry events and in the media.

Looks ambitious. And what about your brand digital experience?

There’s no doubt that each brand and business decides how it envisions its digital experience. It may be online retail and merchandising, or omni-channel communications, mobile commerce or even more innovative channels. It all also depends on the business’ overall goals.

I would like to list the pillars which we consider foundational for the apparel brand’s digital experience:

Clothing. All of the brands were born as a business based on a dream. This is why their products remain the key element of the digital experience.

Brand interaction. Digital interaction provides a wealth of new instruments, which you should really consider using.

Virtual environment. In implementing digital first project, you have to create a new reality around the brand, reality capable of augmenting the previous points.

Mix of experience. The result will be incredible combinations that open new channels for sharing the company’s and brand’s ideas and values.

3Dretail by ShareCloth enables fashion brands to use the power of VR and mobile for brand’s digital strategy

To help you build this interactive digital mix, we’ve created the 3Dretail platform, which enables quick transfer of fashion brand experience to VR and other platforms. This is both a chance for the customer’s interactive experience with the garments, and an opportunity to quickly create the necessary environment and start interaction.

There can be no doubt that online experience is the future of fashion business.

Each company approaches the creation of new digital experience in its own way: some use their innovation departments, some do it through their digital/e-commerce subdivisions. In some cases we work directly with digital agencies that represent the companies.

We invite you to learn about opportunities for creating the new digital experience using 3Dretail regardless of where you currently are in this process.

Join digital fashion evolution today!

Looking forward to our work together, 
Sergey Moliavko 
CEO of ShareCloth

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