Q&A with ShareCloth’ CEO

After prolonged silence on social media, the ShareCloth team is presenting a new product — an online virtual fitting & digital merchandising platform for the fashion business.

To fill the awkward void, the company’s press service has asked its CEO — Sergey Moliavko to answer the most frequently asked questions.

- Let us start with an easy one: what has been ShareCloth doing since it was last mentioned in the media in May?

- We worked a lot (laughs). We focused our efforts on pilot projects, platform development and R&D.

- Ok, let’s talk about R&D then. On the company’s updated website, our 3D printing solution for fashion designers was moved from the main page to the R&D rubric. Whaaat?

- And that’s great news!


- Totally. We prepared the release of the solution’s first version, but substantial 3D printing material limitations persuaded us to “wait a little bit more.” For this reason, we now offer the solution to 3D designers who want to test it directly. And we are actively watching the progress with the materials.

- And where are the good news?

- First, 3D printing materials are developing at cosmic velocities. We believe that 2018 will be a breakthrough year for this kind of fashion.

Second, our solution really works. We are closely working with real users, and this means that by the time of the public release, it will be a good solid product. Just like the best books on startup strategy teach us (laughs).

- OK, and what about our new e-commerce product — is it a good one?

- I want our clients and users to answer this question. Right now, we are setting up first integrations, and expect to see the first results soon.

From sharecloth.com

And the last question. As far as I know, there are no current cases of successful VR integration with e-commerce. Why does our new product bet on this innovative platform?

- It’s not the only thing we are betting on. The farther in, the deeper. E-commerce content, including that for the fashion business, will be radically transformed in the next few years. It’s not a question of the ultimate content delivery platform, as it is still an open one. It’s the question of a new format for consumers’ interaction with the brand and its content. We combined interactive content and precise clothes fitting with solutions that the fashion business requires in order to expand its digital marketing operations.

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