ShareCloth On-demand live case study

Real customers of the ShareCloth’ demo apparel on-demand mobile app

Being to the industry more than 4 years we know a lot not only about the software we develop but about the business side. So now, standing for the potential of the on-demand model we know what we’re talking about.

In April, we were testing our brand new software solution for manufacturing garments on demand by ourselves, and invited all the interested women to become our test subjects in exchange for an absolutely free dress.

So, first, the numbers. We collected the names of over 70 people on our waiting list, and spent the next four days sending out the invitations to our test mobile app (it’s available upon request).

A week later we had 40 orders from the women who went through the necessary steps in the app (they had to choose the dress colour and take two selfies to determine their measurements).

Bottom line:

  • 1 dress, 10 sizes, almost 200 ft of fabric in two colours.
  • 40 manufactured orders, 3 days from the start of manufacturing to delivery to each customer.

As a result:

  • 91% of clients were satisfied with the garment
  • 88% of the clients were satisfied with the fit (another 8.3% said it was acceptable, and 4.2% were unhappy with results)
  • NPS for MVP amounted to 72%
  • We proved the solvency of the business and manufacturing model (and came away with tons of insights that still require a lot of work).

All of this has inspired and impressed us so much that we went straight back to the product development, so keep your eyes open for the upcoming news.

The group photo of our testers was the final chord of this experiment. A special “Thanks!” goes out to these beautiful models! ;-)

P.S. You can’t even imagine how surprised we were when the blue dress defeated the red one!

your ShareCloth Team