Learn Crypto investing in 5 min

Why crypto ? Whats special about it ? Isn’t it a bubble ?

  1. Pre- Analysis
  2. Market research & Problem findings
  3. Startup hunting & research
  4. Investing, measuring and improving

1. Pre-Analysis

2. Market research & Problem findings

  • EIP (Ethereum Improvement Proposals) provides information on whats coming soon. As an example EIP-721 is for NFTs
  • BIPs (Bitcoin Improvement Proposal)
  • White papers & Messari reports
  • VC investment trends and blogs(Follow a16z, Multicoin Capitaland Polychain Capital )
  • Artists and Discord communities launching NFTs
  • Changes in regulatory system (ETF, Changing rules and regulations, Inflation, Crypto securities, Stablecoins, Clean energy, Crypto dollar)
  • Web 3 evolution (NFT Infra, DAOs tooling, Bridges, DeFi, L1 & L2, DIDs, Storage, Metaverse, Gaming, Domains, Hardware like Helium, Oracles). NFTs can be further broken down in PFP, Digital art, Fan tokens, Non-Fungible Credentials. DAOs can be broken into collaboration tools, mini DAOs or Learn-to-earn , treasury diversification, Audit tools, Legal DAOs, Venture DAOs and Curation DAOs for crowdsources information or news. DeFi include algorithmic and usd backed stablecoins, Lending, Borrowing, Yield farming, New indexes similar to credit scores, Reserve unlocking and CeDefi apps.
  • New ways to offset organizations costs by using Web3 tech (Decentralized Identify management or reputation management)
  • Network effects (BNB token incentives for using Binance exchange)
  • Risk management infrastructure
  • DEX and CEX for new coins based on trading volumes and hold scores.
  • Crypto Twitter
  • Discord & Telegram channels
  • Problem you ran into when using crypto products
  • Top 10 revenue generating smart contracts on blockchains (Ex- Axie, OpenSea and Uniswap on Ethereum)
  • Defi treasures and their Discord channels(AAVE, Compound, Uniswap)

3. Startup hunting and research

  • Twitter
  • Discord channels
  • AngelList or through know contacts
  • Cointelegraph.com
  • Blogs and/or Podcasts
  • VC blogs (Follow a16Z, Multicoin and Polychain Capital )
  • How innovative the idea is ?
  • Founders or team background and experience
  • Advisors and backers
  • Game theory elements (Invite-only, Meritocratic groups, Lockups, Reward emissions, Play-to-earn model reducing customer acquisition costs)
  • Code quality & Audits
  • Twitter sentiment
  • How easy it is to copy/paste code onto other L1 & L2 blockchains
  • Writing skills (Very important to influence community)
  • Roadmap and delivery of features
  • Tokenomics
  • Capital flows from blue chips to this new token
  • Social sentiment and user onboarding (Can the idea sell itself?)

4. Investing, measuring and improving




Passionate traveler, Food Lover and continuous learner who enjoys breaking things and fixing them.

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Passionate traveler, Food Lover and continuous learner who enjoys breaking things and fixing them.

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