Get A High Paying Job Offer with these TWO Secrets

It’s not a secret that companies are looking for certain things. The good news is that they are telling you what it is directly in the job description. The answer is right under your nose.

Upgrade to Linkedin Premium

When you upgrade, your job profile goes to the top of the queue when applying to most of the jobs that are integrated into linkedin. Alot of times, there is a coverletter that can be added. Make this coverletter personalized and it will separate you from the other applications. Linkedin also has a JOBS app. This is a great app, because it helps you to curate jobs and save them to apply to later once you get back on your desktop. Linkedin is also powerful during this free trial period because you have a limited number of inmail requests. So use them wisely and make them count, so you can open up a door to a new opportunity at the right time. They usually offer this free membership for a month, and still have been known to still extend the offer later in the year. Here is some more information on the advantages of upgrading.

Tailor Made Resumes

As mentioned above, companies are telling you exactly what they need. It would make natural sense for a company to consider a resume that is listing items that are related to exactly what they need. You will be surprised by how many other applicants just have a resume template that is blasted to several other job opportunities. Closely reviewing the job description and aligning that with your resume will get you into the door very quick. Sometimes there might be some skillsets that you don’t have, but are familiar with. Just listing those words due to familiarity can also pique a hiring manager’s attention because you might only be one of the few that are aware of it. Here is a great guide on how to tailor them with highlights

You should never copy and paste the same job bullets into your resume as that would blatantly careless. But you can read each bullet and make sure that every bullet in your resume speaks to the needs of the employer. The desired outcome is that the hiring manager skimms vertically down your bullets in your coverletter and resume and notices that every bullet checks the boxes of what they are exactly looking for. Keep in mind that really nailing this just gets you the call, which must turn into the 1st to even potentially 6th or 7th interview depending on who you are interviewing. Either way, getting a job is a sale, and it is all about who can market it and sell their strengths more strongly.

When it comes down to it, would you rather get your resume out to 100 people and have no one respond, or take a bit more time creating custom tailored documents where about 7 out of 25 respond for a 1st round phone interview? If the latter is the case, can certainly help you where needed.

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