Halloween, You’ve Got My Wallet Again!

Every year as Halloween rolls around I try to come up with a creative yet inexpensive costume idea. I scour the internet and end up thinking about it for entirely too long that I find myself hustling to pull one together at the last minute. I hit up the second hand stores, but by then they are all picked over and everything good is gone. I end up either have to settle for some generic ready made costume in a bag that hasn’t been updated since the 80’s or spend more than I want on something I’m only going to wear once. Halloween you’ve got me again.

Surely, there are closets full of other peoples creative costume ideas from the previous years. I mean who repeats their halloween get up?? Why should I try to reinvent the wheel? After scouring Pinterest for ideas and then finally deciding on one then there is still the impossible task of hunting down each piece to complete the look. It would be so great to just send out a blast request on Shareflo for a cowboy hat, some cowboy boots in my size, and a rope to be my lasso instead of running all over town trying to find these things. It’s almost as if my costume comes to me. This method shaves down the time spent hunting and slims down the price it’s really a win win situation as far as I see it.

Another place renting really saves the day this season is in party festivities. If you are crafting a haunted house and are in need of severed heads and sheets to make ghosts why not pool your Shareflo community and see what goods people could rent you for a fraction of the price of buying all that stuff. A smoke machines and 1,000 plastic spiders might just be sitting in someones basement waiting to help spook up your party. Reaching out and connecting also may spark new ideas by having access to another persons inventory. We can get stuck in a rut and just be thinking back blood and pumpkin candles, but by reaching out someone else could bring a fresh spin to your decor conundrum.

There are endless possibilities of how the share economy can turn a financial drain into a thrifty and successful event. It’s almost as if we are naturally programmed to throw money away. This week my niece had her 12th birthday party. My sister organized to take her and five best friends to a comedy show and then ending the night with a sleep over at a hotel in Denver. Costs start to add up as you plan for eating, transportation, and entertainment for seven people. At the last minute the comedy club called and canceled the performance because of a lack of attendance. At this point we have one hour till the girls are out of school. My sister and I frantically googled backup plans not wanting to have a crew of bummed out girls on our hands. It was a rainy day and all the age appropriate activities we found near the hotel would devour what she had budgeted for the evening. In a burst of inspiration we whipped up a picture scavenger hunt with riddles the girls had to crack and silly things they had to do in the mall. Not sure if the new plan would be palatable to these emotional preteens we hoped for the best since we really had no other option. As it turns out the mall shenanigans were a huge hit! The girls loved the hunt and it created fun memories that they had documented so they relived it and laughed hysterically about it throughout the night.

My nieces birthday reminded me that using less money often makes for a more creative and rewarding adventure. Sometimes we just default to spending when we should spend time taping into our creative resources to find a better solution.

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