Shareflo’s #TravelTuesday Series

After our official first blog about travel it got us thinking…Shareflo is exactly what every Globetrotter needs as their partner in crime. What better way to really live in the moment when you can rent what you need in a single tap? Well if that’s still unclear to you don’t worry Shareflo is going to definitely clear that up for you. Every Tuesday we will be featuring a different location that you could travel to. Each segment will provide you the top items you will want to rent and tips to make you seem like a local and not your typical tourist.

Our featured location this week is Playa del Carmen Mexico home to some life changing mojitos and beaches. This “fun in the sun location” is our intern Alex’s go-to family vacation. Traveling to Mexico has been her family’s getaway for the last 8 years. Staying exclusively at Palace Resorts they’ve built relationships with a lot of the workers. Over the years they have provided tips and tricks to help make sure they have a fun and smooth sailing vacation.

Hola! Viva Mexico! Many people think of the bad stigma around Mexico and are afraid to travel there. Coming from a chica who is afraid of pretty much EVERYTHING I love Mexico. There are a few things I can guarantee about traveling there and what you’ll experience. You will meet some of the nicest people who are genuinely happy to serve you. You will see your toes when looking down in 4ft deep crystal blue ocean. Lastly, you will have some of the best memories of your life. Traveling here for these last few years I have gotten smarter about a lot of things.

  1. Pack ONLY the Essentials: 75% of the day is spent wearing a bathing suit. Pack only the Fashion Essentials(Blog Post Coming Soon) and learn from my past mistakes of bringing three different outfits for each day that NEVER got worn.
  2. Bring Condiments: This may sound CRAZY to you but if you’re like me you love certain foods a certain way. Well, Palace Resorts has some of the best shrimp cocktail and cheeseburgers. BUT, the shrimp cocktail comes in a sauce I don’t really care for. To me that’s an easy fix you just make room for some horseradish and ketchup. It’s an all inclusive resort you have to make sure you enjoy it all!

3. Try Local Cuisine — Head down 5th Avenue and go straight to Pez Vela. Here you can swing the afternoon away while enjoying an authentic meal. Looking for a night on the town instead? Kick it up a notch and take a seat at Sur Steakhouse. The ultimate bar for the fancier drink. We recommend The Cucumber Martini, Mojito, or the Sur Cocktail that’s made from Champagne and Hypnotic. Playa del Carmen has something for everyone, watch our video to find out the Top Items you Need to Rent for your Mexico Vacation.

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