Top 10 Ways to be a Financially Savvy Mommy!

You are a mom so you are already a bad ass!. The fact that you carried a baby in your belly for 9 months and are now doing the great work of guiding, teaching, and protecting that little human means you are already WINNING.

Can you believe your body does this???

LIFE, as you know it has changed forever and with it the rhythms have also changed. Your productive work schedule of grabbing coffee and dominating in the office looks different with toddlers climbing all over you. Finances need to transition as you have less time and energy to give to work and now have more mouths to feed. It’s a new challenge which is exciting, but you need to tackle this new frontier with a revised budget and smarter spending habits, after all, you have college tuitions on the horizon.

Here are 10 helpful Tips:

1. Be All Natural

An economic way to cut down on medical expenses is by making holistic remedies to cure those sniffles. The earth gave us the goods and we over time have manufactured its nutrients into pills cut with fillers and mass produced. We buy drugs to mass the symptoms, but we need to administer something that cures the ailment. Lets get back to health and set our children up for success. A great blog for some of these resources is Homemade mommy.

Love yourself, Love your family, Love your LIFE!!!

2. Sustain a Garden

Feed your children healthy foods so that they will feel good and possess optimal health. Studies show how what we eat has a direct effect on our mood. So don’t let your progeny stuff their face with potato chips, instead give them something whole that will maintain their energy levels. An economical way to accomplish this is to grow a garden together. Teach them about sustainability while they reap the benefits of fresh produce. Even if all you can manage is a little rooftop garden, your meals will be upgraded with fresh herbs and organic goodies.

3. Treat the Kids

SWAP babysitting with other parents. Ideally you should link up with someone who your kid gets along with. You take their kids one night to let them go out and they return the favor so that everybody wins. Date nights are important for sanity and keeping the love alive so don’t let babysitting expenses stop you from enjoying your beautiful city. Hit up that new wine bar and get a little break from the chaos so you can appreciate the parenting nuances afresh.

4. Rent What you Need

Let’s cut out some of the wasted expenses so you can have more time enjoying the sacred seasons your little one has embarked on. Instead of having to work longer for that expensive furniture you’ve been eyeing DIY. I know I know all the coolest stuff you want to make require power tools. Well then rent them. Tap into your artistic and dexterous side and actually make those things you’ve been pinning on Pinterest.

5. Rent Fashion

Oh pregnancy! Things are swelling that have never swelled before. Your body is going through crazy changes and you remind yourself it’s worth it because you are housing a tiny creature in your belly. You want to embrace these awkward changes gracefully, but some days you are just trying to get through without nausea. You spot these glowing moms sporting perfectly curated outfits and think I used to care about my appearance. Honestly, you are worth it and you deserve it. You have positioned yourself for the joys and aches of raising a child in a society that has many flaws. That itself takes great strength and resolve. It’s ok to make some time for yourself and seek some solace in pretty things. You will feel better about yourself and have more love to extend to others. It’s the advice they give you on the airplane. Put your own oxygen mask on before helping someone else with theirs. When you take care of yourself you have more care to give to others. The beauty of fashion is you can be thrifty and still be a participant. Rent that silk dress that flows over the extra weight and makes you feel sexy for your next date night. Check out these fun fashion ideas during and after pregnancy

6. Spend Time, Own Joy

Less work and more living! You can spend your whole life for the paycheck or the promotion, but you really have a small window to be an impactful part of your child’s development. According to World Health Organization “The brain develops most rapidly in the first few years of a child’s life. The ongoing interchange between genes and different environments — within which children are born, grow, learn and live — shapes the developing brain. During these critical years, the foundation is laid for a child’s physical and mental health, affecting everything from longevity to the lifelong capacity to learn, from the ability to adapt to change to the capacity for resilience against adverse circumstances.” Read more here

The time your child spends with you is very significant and it’s worth some finding stimulating things for you to enjoy together. Learn when the free museum day is in your town and enrich those little brains. There is a gold mine of free adventures to embark on and your children will adore it. A picnic in the park, free concerts, libraries, or splashing in the closest body of water.

7. Walk Often

WALK instead of driving. This gives you the opportunity to get some fresh air and cut out the gas money. It will take more time, but it enjoyably slows down your pace so you can take in the sights. Instead of jumping into the Volvo to drive ten minutes to the nearest playground play eye-spy as you wind through your neighborhood on foot and actually have interactions with your neighbors.

8. Creative Gatherings

Start a creative gathering where moms and kids come together once a month to collaborate. Each mom can take a turn leading and choose what the focus is. From teaching the kids a new craft to growing their first flower, the possibilities are endless. Everyone gets involved and all the responsibility to plan doesn’t fall on one stressed mama. Mommikin is an inspiring site that can generate some fresh ideas for the crew.

9. Collect Experiences

Consider renting that DSLR to take pictures of your baby to determine if it’s really the right equipment for you. It might be more practical to get an add on for your iPhone, like the olloclip, instead of some lavish gear.

you can find amazing products like this on

Your phone always seems to be within reach when the most endearing moments unfold. Sure, that Canon takes beautiful pictures, but with the hefty price tag, if you have it perpetually tucked away in a child proof location you may find it’s not your best option.

10. Be an Entrepreneur

Think of smart ways to capitalize on investments, skills, or items that you own! The rental economy is advantageous for supplementing life changes. You obviously need to do some prep to get started, but the beauty of it is that your items do the work for you without having to make you tied to an office all day. Someone finds your grill on the site and borrows it for Labor day weekend. They get to enjoy some juicy flame-broiled burgers and you get to enjoy the Benjamin’s being deposited into your bank account! The renting economy was designed to give you more time so you can do your job better.

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