Top Items I Wish I Could Have Rented in New York City

Like most self-confessed millennials, I’ve been spoiled with being able to get what I want, when I want it, at the touch of the button or the swipe of a screen. Whether it’s a place to rest my head and meet some locals whilst on vacation, some company for the evening, or a slice of greasy gooey goodness delivered straight to my door when I’m too hungover to run to the pizza place down the street — I’m used to having my needs met, on demand.

So, when a recent trip landed me in the Mecca that is New York City for the first time ever, I of course turned to the on-demand economy to keep things cheap, quick, and reliable. I used three different Airbnb’s as I explored the bright lights of different boroughs and I counted on Uber for those late nights where the subway felt a little too creepy for a scaredy cat like me.

However, as I wandered through the concrete jungle it crossed my mind that my trip could be even more incredible if only I’d had access to a few extra bits and pieces. Things that weren’t exactly ideal to bring in my travel backpack or, to be fair, would extend it out of that glorious window of free baggage allowance, but would have made for an even better NYC experience.

  • GoPro: Popular culture had assured me that I was in for a treat when it came to that classic skyline, however I had not prepared myself for the serious neck straining that would come with taking in each and every wondrous skyscraper. Seriously, those views. I just wish I’d been able to capture them on video for some killer souvenir footage.
  • Longboard: Like most things I encountered in the US, Central Park was way larger than I expected, and in a poor effort of exploration I think I only managed the North-West corner. With such incredible weather during my trip, I would have loved to rent a longboard for the day and cover some more of that iconic ground. And by that I mean find the fountain from the FRIENDS opening sequence. Because, FRIENDS.
  • Formal Dress: Brushing shoulders with Justin Timberlake at the Tribeca Film Festival in my Adidas kicks and turtle neck sweater was not my proudest moment.
  • Bike: For those moments where I was feeling far too uncool in Williamsburg, a Dutch road bike with a quirky basket would have helped me feel right at home. Plus, that walk across the bridge was hella long.
  • Selfie stick: I know, I know. You can cringe all you like, but when it comes to souvenir photos, travelling alone can sometimes be a little sucky. After approaching someone to take my picture on top of the Empire State Building, I was met with a vertical image and the top of my head cropped out. I know it’s all about that view but I think I finally discovered one of those precious and rare moments where a selfie stick might just be socially acceptable.

This is where Shareflo comes in. A sharing app that not only lets you quickly and easily buy products in your local area, but also offers the ability to rent what you need, exactly when you need it. And when you’re in New York City on a budget, whilst still trying to keep those cool points up, it’s the ideal choice for both locals and travellers alike. So, look out ‘Murica, I’ll be coming back, and this time I’ll be armed with a selfie stick.

Images provided by Pexels.

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