Healthsites presentation to the WHO Health Data Forum

Healthsites is building a curated open data commons of health facility data with OpenStreetMap.

During the presentation in Geneva on the 23 Febuary 2017 a number of interesting questions were raised and have been listed below the Webex.

Webex presentation link

The value add to the MoH is the support for maintaining the accuracy and completeness of Health facility attributes and crucially publishing the data under an open data license

Questions and statements

11.30: Healthsites presents an opportunity to unlock data silo’s
12.18: How easy has it been to engage with Ministries of Health?
16.20: MoH already have their list? What added value does Healthsites offer?18.40: How do you uniquly identify Health Facilities?
20.35: Are updates sent through to the people working at Health facilities?
20.40: How will the data be validated?
22.50: Are there examples of specific use cases?
25.30: Why is there a disparity between the Kenyan Ministry of Health and Healthsites data for Kenya?
27.00: How can Ministries of Health open discussions with Healthsites and engage the private sector?
28.35: Are there maps for Afghanistan, Djibouti, Sudan and Somalia?
30.20: What is the update strategy for the content?
32.28: How is different from ?
34.15: What are the other attributes other than location that Healthsites publishes?
36.10: Does the WHO have a list of Health facilities around the world in a database?
37.12: How the ICRC uses Healthsites.
43.00 Invitation to WHO to join Healthsites
43.50: How MSF uses Healthsites
45.40: What’s the difference between the OSM health facility data and attribute data?
48.05: Could the WHO help develop the core Healthsite attributes to focus on

Healthsites slide deck

Use case: Spatial modelling of healthcare utilisation for treatment of fever in Namibia