6 Essential Tips To Become a Freelancer

It’s no secret that freelancing is becoming very popular. Workers are now looking for freedom and flexibility and freelance work is a solution for this.

It allows you to have complete control over your career and life. However, it’s not always an easy road to get in a good, comfortable place with freelancing. Don’t worry though, as there are ways to best prepare yourself for the challenges.

By using these tips as a guide, you can start in the right direction to become a freelancer and have the life you have always dreamed of.

1.Have a plan/set goals to meet

Before you start anything, it’s essential to develop a plan and goals for your freelancing business. If you jump in and wing it, you’re probably going to make it way tougher on yourself.

Especially if you will still be working a full or part time job while starting your freelancing journey, a plan will help you from the start. Instead of randomly doing things (and maybe forgetting some important parts), you will have a plan set in place to give you the best chance at success.

If you are solely focusing on your freelancing journey, a plan will still help and guide you in the direction you want to go.

Additionally, setting goals will help keep you focused and driven. They give you something to work towards and strive for.

If you go along with no set goals doing work at random and think that “someday” you’ll be able to freelance full time, it may take longer than it has to or you may never reach the point you are striving for.

Setting a plan and goals is crucial so that you will set yourself up for success from the very start.

2.Prepare for a great deal of work initially and build your portfolio right away

If you are just starting your freelancing journey, chances are that you don’t have a portfolio yet.

(If you do, that’s definitely a plus!)

No matter what kind of freelancing work you are doing, clients will typically want to see examples of your work before hiring you for a job. You will need to work hard to get a great portfolio available as soon as possible to increase client interest.

Once you start getting client work, start adding that work into your portfolio whenever possible. You may even want to ask for endorsements as well! Every little bit helps.

3.Use several ways to promote yourself

In order to get your name out there and find great clients you will need to promote yourself!

For some people this can be very intimidating, but it’s a necessity. How will people know about you if you don’t put yourself out there?

If you do local work, you can start with people close to you and reaching out in your community. For both local and online work, utilizing social media is an excellent way to be seen and heard. Online presence is very important in today’s world.

There are several big platforms to use and so many people out there to see your work.

Try to set up business accounts on the social platforms as well so that it is clear you are a freelance business!

4.Start searching for clients (even if things aren’t perfect)

You might not have an extensive portfolio or your business perfected yet, but it’s completely okay to start looking for clients.

You do want to have your plan and goals figured out, but once that is complete, it’s time to start putting them into action.

The sooner you start, the sooner you will start growing, working with clients regularly, and have the freelancing business you are trying so hard to achieve.

Potential clients are everywhere on the internet. You can look all on your own or try a service that brings clients and freelancers together.

Sharehive is an example of this kind of service. It brings women together and allows for collaborating right on the site. The great part is that anyone can apply to be on Sharehive, so if you are just starting out, you can still send in your application.

Even if your portfolio and experience is limited, many clients will still hire for the great work that they do see. Growing, changing, and perfecting your website, portfolio, and overall business with time is expected and completely okay.

5.Collaboration is key

Especially now, collaboration between individuals and companies is important and happening all the time.

This is very obvious on social media (and even outside of social media too, of course) that successful people are working together and collaborating for mutual benefit.

As a new freelancer, collaborating with someone else can have a huge impact on your business. It can bring in new clients, followers, exposure, and more.

If you are unable to pay for helpful services for your freelance business but are willing to collaborate and offer your service in a barter exchange, Sharehive can help make that happen as well. This is a great way to still collaborate but without either party paying the other.

Try reaching out to other freelancers and companies and see what kinds of ideas that you can make happen!

6.Charge what you are worth

Even if you are new, that doesn’t mean that you should accept meager pay.

If you have no portfolio at all and need something fast, sometimes free or low pay work is an option to start (for maybe the first couple of projects). This isn’t always necessary though.

But, once you do have work to show and a little experience, it’s time to start charging the right rates for you.

There is typically no exact rate to charge for the different types of freelancing work. Usually people charge based on the work they are doing and the experience they bring to the table.

If you need to get a better idea, try checking out freelancers in your field and see their rates. You should be able to get a better idea of where you should be rate wise.

You can always change your rates as you gain more experience and a larger portfolio.

Just remember that no matter how high or how low you may charge, some clients simply won’t be a right fit no matter what. If it doesn’t work out with someone, move on and try again. Never short yourself on what you are worth. There are so many potential clients out there!

Overall, people who freelance will say that it does require hard work and dedication, but that it is so rewarding and they love what they do!

While it can definitely be intimidating to jump into something new and unknown, it can potentially be a great decision in your life.

Having freedom and your work as something you truly love and enjoy is something many people have always dreamed of and are gravitating towards today.

It can be your reality too!

Do you currently freelance? If so, what is one positive and one negative that you have experienced and how did you overcome the negative?
 If not, what kind of freelance work would you want to start doing? What goal do you hope to achieve?

Ashley Lynn

Ashley Lynn is a professional freelance writer, blogger, and artist at www.alynnarts.com/. She has been exclusively working from home for the past 3 years and loves to share her knowledge and tips with others. When she isn’t writing or drawing, she spends time with her two Chihuahuas, out in nature, or exploring new places.
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