No, You Should Write Everyday

I read a post on Medium: Nine Tips for Finishing That Novel.

Tip #3: You don’t have to write everyday to be a writer.

Well, Yes. You. Do. Especially if you don’t have an MFA in writing (see Tip#1). You should WRITE everyday and you should READ every day. If you aren’t writing everyday, you should be thinking about writing everyday and have a plan in place as to when you are going to start. And writing every day doesn’t mean working on the piece you plan on putting out there to make you money. Writing every day is simply about writing. Journaling. Blogging. Not caring if anyone reads it or likes it or if it sells. Writing is more than that. Writing is about you. Not them. You. This is your lifeblood. The part you are supposed to protect and will never hold personally responsible if you don’t make it on the bestseller list. Writing needs to be done, visited, touched, felt, explored, everyday.

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