10.16.17 — Note to self // My advice for this stage of life is to honestly and truthfully focus on the things that make you feel GOOD. When you do that, that’s when you’ll find what to fill yourself with. Cling to the friends that are good to you. Date but date the kind of guy you know is good for you. Go to places where good people are going to be. Surround yourself with nothing but goodness. I say this because you’re a good person. The longer you try to fill yourself with crap of the past you’ll find that it doesn’t work… Or you’ll become the [literal] crap that you’re filling yourself with.

And it’s gonna stink at times because you’ll start having to make emotionally responsible decisions. BUT trust yourself and remind yourself that you are blessed and super smart and amazing. Once this all blows over you’ll be like a million times better than you already are. Love you sooo much!