12 Reasons to Love SharePop

SharePop is unique. There’s no service elsewhere that allows social media influencers to monetize their online influence as we do. When you think about it, there are plenty of reasons to use SharePop — and to love this experience.

1 — A new way to engage with your audience

As it has been said on this blog, an infallible way to become a social media influencer is to engage with your audience. After all, who does not like to receive an answer back from another user, or to see their content ‘liked’ or shared? Social media is all about connecting people.

Sharing apps can be a good step to engage with your audience. When users see the apps you recommend and see you playing them or saying something about them, they have already ‘heard’ you. If they download the app and try it later on, they will remember you, and at the end they may even comment, like or share your posts about this app, creating an opportunity for you to engage with your audience. Besides, the simple act of one user ‘liking’ your post, or sharing it, for example, make your social media page more visible to other potential followers.

2 — It’s easy to use

To use SharePop is a piece of cake! All you need to do is to login, choose an app, create your unique tracking link and past it on your social media account with a message about the app. You can also add a photo or a video of the app if you want.

And yes, I have finished explaining it. It is this simple.

3 — It’s free

No money will come out of your pocket with SharePop — on the best case scenario, money will only go inside your pocket.

4 — Mobile Friendly

As we like to give you apps to share, it is not a surprised that we love mobile phones as well. Hence, our platform, website, support page and blog are all optimized for mobile, so you can use SharePop without having to need another device. Best thing ever is that mobiles fit in your pocket.

5 — Apps for every interest

Whether your followers are into fashion, music, games or even food, you’ll find the perfect app to share on SharePop. This is because we try to keep our app catalog as diverse as possible, so it can fit everybody’s interests.

6 — Our 5 stores (and those yet to come)

SharePop has 5 stores — US/International, German, French, Taiwanese and Korea, and we still look forward to expand more markets. Besides, our US/International store has apps for all English speaking countries, and for some European countries from time to time, while our German store has apps targeted for Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

7 — Personalized support

If you are a user of one of our stores, you can find the answers to your questions on our support page. However, if you need personalized help, you can contact us according to your store and one of your team members will get back to you. This will give you a friendly support in either English, German, French, Mandarin or Korean.

8 — You can use SharePop at anywhere, anytime

Like I said, your mobile fits in your pocket — which means you can use SharePop whenever it is more convenient to you, even if that is on your way to work or to visit your friends. All you need is your charged mobile, internet connection and your good number of followers.

Yes, it’s that easy.

9 — Apps for many countries

Are you in Brazil? Or Argentina? Or even Indonesia? There’s no store for your country already? Well, it doesn’t matter. With SharePop, the only thing that matters is where your followers are — so, for instance, if you are in Japan but you have a lot of social media followers in the United States of America, you can create an account on our US/International store.

10 — Supported in many Social Media Networks

You can share your tracking links in some of the main social media networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube. Now it is up to your creativity on how to share them.

11 — Payments made easy

After you reach 50$, we’ll pay you within the first 15 days of the following month, either to your PayPal account or through wire transfer. For example, if you reached 62$ by the end of February, you’ll receive them until March 15th. Also, your money goes automatically to you, so you do not need to hit any button to request it.

12 — Good for Social Media influencers

Are you popular on Social Media? Do you have lots of followers? If you do, than you’re suitable to use SharePop, and the best part is that we allow you to monetize your online influence with no contracts nor obligations. Just with easy and fun sharing.

And who doesn’t like a cool mobile app on their phones? Check out bellow what we have on our stores and star sharing now!

US/International, German, French, Taiwanese, Korean

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