Grammarly Review

I came across Grammarly* during an “online proofreading tool” google search. For those who have never heard of Grammarly, this tool checks for spelling, grammatical errors, and also plagiarism. I found this grammar tool extremely helpful for my blog writing.

How Grammarly Works

Grammarly is very easy to install. You can sign up for free and begin to use after a quick download. You can sign up for free to use the basic features.

I was impressed by Grammarly because of its features. Not only could I upgrade my writing on my blog and website, this tools also checks social media post instantly. Very important to represent your brand on the highest level possible. Writing errors, even in social media, can damage your credibility.

You can get started with Grammarly for free. The free plan checks basic errors but I found it more effective than spell check in word programs. They also offer a Premium plan, I choose to upgrade to premium.

Use my recommended link to get started with Grammarly. Download the tool, explore, and share your thoughts.

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