Duedil + Sharevest Partnership

Caleb (Sharevest CEO) and Sophie from Duedil

Earlier this year Sharevest signed a partnership deal with DueDil who are one of the biggest data providers of private companies in Europe.

Despite having discussions and meetings with some of the largest data houses in the United Kingdom and America, we really did feel that the partnership we could have with DueDil was not only long term, but a relationship that could be built upon layer by layer.

DueDil is a private company information platform that enables businesses to find opportunities and mitigate risks. They provide authoritative data and rich context on over 40 million companies across 9 European countries.

Based in London and founded in 2011, DueDil has raised nearly $30m from respected investors in the US and UK, including Oak Investment Partners, Passion Capital and Notion Capital.

There mission is to become the world’s largest source of private company information, with the aim of making the information on private companies as rich and accessible as it is on public companies.

Sophie from Duedil Presenting

They provide a unified platform for teams across a business to contextualise and navigate the relationships between sets of data.

The breath and presentation of company information DueDil offer certainly attracted us. This will be a perfect fit for the Sharevest platform!

It certainly made it even easier to complete the partnership, once we sat down with the DueDil team who were an amazing bunch of people. It soon became evident that we shared similar goals, and were heading in similar directions.

We knew that we would be able to work very closely with DueDil to help us best execute our vision for the platform.

The Sharevest Team

DueDil’s technology has a great importance to Sharevest. We wanted to ensure that our investors have access to quality data. The company data that DueDil provide will allow investors on the platform to be well informed before they make any investment decisions.

Undoubtedly, this will reduce the time investors spend scouring the internet for information. All company information will be crystal clear, and there will be plenty of it!

We are now currently working closely with DueDil, and mapping out the next stages of our partnership over the coming months.

So stay tuned — lots more to come!