Sharevest @ the Chainges Conference

Chike a Sharevest developer with a Blockchain analyst

Last week the Sharevest team, went to the ChaInges conference in Holland, and we were kindly accompanied by the PIVX team.

PIVX Is one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency coins. It is an open-source, decentralized cryptocurrency that focuses on privacy, security, anonymity, and instant transactions. The team has certainly built a brilliant product.

Some of the founders of the coin have worked with Sharevest to ensure that our business model, and platform functions as perfect fit for customers.

In addition, this relationship has enabled us to build a secure coin, adept for the tokensale and built for use.

The PIVX team!

One of my favourite highlights from the changes conference included hearing David Spiegel speak about the future of ICOs in comparison to traditional capital raising methods. It was certainly exciting to hear this, and very relevant to our product. We are certainly headed in the right direction!

We were certainly glad to have gone to Holland to see how the industry has been growing and its impact. Looking at the positives; we were able to build relationships and received interest from customers and financial contributors alike.

Bitbay loves Sharevest

Over the next few months we will be travelling more to present at different events, and showcase the Sharevest product.

Caleb (Sharevest CEO)

Welcome to Sharevest!