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First of all, it’s not so hard as made evident by the fact that most of the issues which you listed whether it be safe spaces, calling out people for cultural appropriation or Title IX were put in place both culturally and legislatively faster than most any piece of progressive legislation out there.

The push back which you are now experiencing and which I suppose is driving to write this piece is exactly because of how fast these things were put in place and with so very little room for nuance or public conversation.

To be completely honest, I have yet to read the entirety of your piece for the simple reason that I find it both incredibly lazy and smug…

Not to make this too personal but a question is not something you are supposed to answer yourself. A question is not a statement. It’s a spark. It’s the start of a hopefully mutually enlightening conversation and for you to disguise your statements as questions is frankly a cop-out as it allows you not to offer any insight or to seek out diverging opinions or ideas.

If you believe that your ideas, which are the ideas of the moment as much as they are yours, are 100% righteous and correct than either open a platform to prove your “opponents” wrong or have the courage and honesty not to disguise your statements as questions.

What you are doing here is, and I hate to use the equally reductive terminology of the right, virtue signaling. You are standing on the mount complaining about issues which you say touch you personally but which you don’t even attempt to see from the other person’s point of view even if only to better shut them down.

Far more nuance was offered later on the piece but I’ll leave this up both because it remains true and applicable but also as a great example of why I should read the whole damn piece before I write my response.

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