I woke up this morning to another post about the transgender movement on National Geographic’s Instagram page.

As annoyed as I was about Nat Geo taking the MTV route, and as confused as I was about their ability to, with no questions or nuances, promote the idea of a seemingly pre-pubescent child undergoing gender-reassignment, something much simpler annoyed me about the post: one of the hashtags used.

National Geographic labeled the story of a mother and son choosing to become father and daughter as being «non-binary».

To qualify the transgender movement as “non-binary” is not just inaccurate or dangerous, it’s dumb.

To be binary means to choose EITHER one OR the other. That is exactly what a person choosing to undergo gender reassignment surgery is doing.

To be non-binary would means that they are BOTH male AND female, which I would argue we all are but nuances and paradoxes do not fit in well with modern society so let me therefore say, with no desire to poke fun whatsoever, that for these two people to be “non-binary” they would have to have both a penis and a vagina surgically attached next to one another.

Now someone might suggest that despite the fact that a post-op transgender person is someone who has chosen one of the two available “options”, they are nonetheless challenging the very idea of a binary system by opting out of the gender which they were born into.

If this is what you believe then please join this discussion and tell me why.

I understand that those who are, not only supporting but, promoting the transgender movement have, apart from a simple desire to fit in with the times, nothing but good intentions.

However, I believe these people are not thinking things through and might be associating the transgender movement with ideas which have nothing to do with it by using either hyperbolic or downright incorrect language such as equating someone who feels they would be happier with a vagina instead of a penis with revolutionary heroes tearing down the constructs of gender.

Why act differently towards those who have undergone gender-reassignment surgery than the millions who undergo all other types of cosmetic surgeries every single day?

This surgery, like all others, is about conjuring on the outside what you think you are on the inside and most of all it is about a 21st century person living in an ultra-individualistic society who no longer accepts to be restricted or guided by any force, other than that of the market, and especially not by nature and biology.

I won’t indulge in false modesty because I have thought long and hard about all which was written here but I do hope that constructive comments will turn this into a great conversation as opposed to a rant written by someone who is sick and tired of this old advertising trick which dates all the way back to Bernays and involves portraying everything in our society as a grand social movement.