· Being routinely omitted — from email lists, all-male bonding excursions, train trips to office holiday parties in the senator’s home state
My former office in the US Senate found out I was writing an essay about workplace sexism.
Carolyn Seuthe

Perhaps they are afraid they will have to greatly monitor their language (“bitch” or “cocksucker” as you mentioned) or be more careful with their behaviors (such as when you got hit in the face by a soccer ball at a work game which you then included in this piece).

I am not suggesting that they are confronting the situation in the right way and hopefully this will lead to an actual conversation of equals between men and women, both in and out of the workplace, but it seems like you are both having your cake and eating it if you are writing a piece denouncing the behaviors of males in groups and then attacking said males for not wanting to include women in group activities.

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