The only systematically oppressed group of people are those who think different, not look different.

They are continuously left out of the lottery of martyrdom not only because they are not physically identifiable, as ideas have no color or gender, but also because their demands, and only theirs, cannot be catered to without deep structural change within the society in which they exist.

To simplify, if the government is on your side, think Title IX for example, than you are not being subversive. If you are promoting an alternative to capitalism, or even merely attempting to rage against it, through the prism of feminism or environmentalism and you are selling merch then I would suggest you stop right now before that which you claim to be your enemy swallows your dearest values whole.

Returning to the groups which are indeed paid attention to and whose demands are rather promptly met despite their claims of systematic oppression: Identifiable groups, meaning groups defined by their color or gender as opposed to their ideas, will simply be ignored by the esablishment until it is no longer profitable to do so. At worst, it’s the socio-economic equivalent of teasing, not systematic oppression. And you, we or whoever always fall for it. Once the teasing is done the establishment will open its arms to the previously marginalized group and suffocate whatever hint of subversiveness might’ve been present within their rhetoric and which could’ve disturbed the status quo.

Examples of this mechanism range from the Civil Rights movements which ultimately reinforced the same free market which was bolstered by the slave market and which kept, more or less, the same people in power. Or more recently gay marriage where homosexuals fought for the right to be part of a club which rejected them instead of leading theirs, as well as heterosexuals, towards a new era where love and sex would no longer be burdened by the contractual nature of marriage and the flaws of monogamy.

Despite the good intentions of those fighting over identity politics the only thing which they will achieve, and which at times feels like the only thing they want to achieve, is to have someone who looks different be as rich and powerful as those who, according to how they look, are currently being used as their scapegoats or default oppressors.

And to re-iterate, the only systematically oppressed group within a society are those who think different, not look different.

As you make t-shirts, engage in smug bar talk and get laid off of shared talking points which group do you think you belong to?

You, yes you, are as much of a feminist as your grandpa was a mysognist… by which I mean not at all. You’re a product of your time that is all. Perhaps that’s why most of your retorts to things which outrage you end in your reminding your interlocutor that “this is 2017!”.

It’s not as though it is fundamentally bad to be a product of your time but it does limit your understanding of the flow of things within the world; of how ideas come and go. It stops you from being able to step back and place your ideas within a timeframe of more than one protest or one presidential term to see how they could unfold. And of course it makes you impatient. An impatience which has caused you to become utterly apathetic to people who do not share your beliefs and which will result in you sullying great and complex concepts which others before you fought for simply because you are too eager to let them out as something to identify yourself with regardless of your dubious understanding of said concepts and your questionable ability to clearly express them.

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