Some of my Haiku’s

by: ShaRhonda Knott Dawson

My dreams speak to me

first softly, but when ignored

they possess my soul.

when you’re at your end

and feel like you can’t get up

that’s where you find grace.

trying and trying

is sometimes in vain, instead

just be and accept.

black woman so strong

black woman, so broken down

black woman as is.

a mother’s true love

a father’s true love, only

for a lucky few.

in my bed I stay

bed. rest for some, sleep for most

a prison for me.

my main enemy

is my brain, it lies all the time

my heart speaks the truth.

writing is not fun

unfortunately, the goal

is to tell the truth.

crazy is a word

that people don’t understand

like mental illness.

There’s an inner war

for control of ShaRhonda

I hope love beats fear.

true love is a gift

so rare, so precious, that many

have never seen it.

critical thinking

requires questioning things

which makes life very hard.

Brian’s jokes, fart jokes

both make me feel better than

xanax ever has.

being present is

a luxury afforded

to those without bills.

education should

be about ability

not about money.

there are lots of ways

for you to be imprisoned

most involve our fears.

fear is a monster

powerful and in us all

to win, turn on light.

is a mother a cook

does a mother have to clean

can’t a mom just love.


such an ugly sounding word

i prefer unique.

I missed birthday calls

From my father growing up

I don’t miss them now.

Girls called daddy’s girl

Feels me with such jealousy

Daddy’s girl; not me.

When I needed him

He was not available

Now I don’t want him.