My journey to helping others

Wow, I really do not know where to start to be 100% honest. But I also want to create content that is rather important. So I will just say “hi” there is obviously my first to many posts. I am in the process of creating a site called “Comfort Hub” and the purpose of it like this article is to help others. In my short time on this earth I have learned that this is my soul purpose and by not pursuing it I only feel lost. So now is the time… “no better time than the present.” I wanna ask a question… If you needed help any kind of help… maybe someone to talk to or where struggling with a loss. What kind of way would you cope/process? Since I am looking to help others its extremely important for me to understand what exactly people “need.” So if you have the time I would love some feedback. What do you “need” now that you aren’t getting?