Get Dropbox Under Control with ApprovalQ

Most projects that involve multiple people eventually need some sort of file sharing solution. I’ve always defaulted to Dropbox, partly because I remember the day they launched and I exchanged emails with Arash helping to diagnose a bug and partly because it’s just an awesome service.

But it’s not perfect.

Changes from People I Trust

In one of my projects I have a folder shared with a few people and a teammate inadvertently dropped a GB of files all at once. Not only did I not need or want these files on my drive but he also managed to max out my Dropbox account.

In that moment I suddenly realized how silly it is to give someone, even a friend, access to modify files on your drive without tracking what they’re doing.

Submit 1 simple form and start monitoring in seconds

With ApprovalQ I can choose any folder to monitor and every change creates a task in my queue for approval. It doesn’t block the transfer, but if I reject the change it will instantly be reversed.

Approve or Reject any change

New files can be deleted, deleted files can be restored, updated files can be rolled back. Best of all, it’s 100% in the cloud, no need to download any additional software.

Problem solved. Try it now.

Changes from the Public

Reversing a change that has already occurred works for trusted sources, but what about everyone else?

The biggest differentiator between ApprovalQ and the other guys is that each queue is assigned a dedicated email address of your choice. If you want to accept files from an untrusted source, simply have them send the files as attachments to your email address and it will create a task in your queue awaiting approval.

The email and its attachment will be securely stored in the cloud, scanned for viruses and filtered for spam. If rejected, the files are ignored and the task is completed. If accepted, the file will instantly be transferred to your Dropbox folder.

For bonus points, share that folder with teammates and your approved files will automatically be synced to everyone.

Problem Solved. Try it now.