Test your ideas first with Test-Driven Product Management and ApprovalQ

We all dread that dance required to get anything into production.

Have an idea, document the idea, advocate for the idea, prioritize the idea, justify the idea, defend the idea, build the idea, verify the idea works as intended, deal with the blowback when the idea doesn’t live up to its promise, repeat.

It’s unbelievable that after so many years of “lean startup” and “fail fast” most companies still lack the basic tools needed to gather enough data to make informed decisions before committing to a serious investment.

Test-Driven Product Management

Software developers often use test-driven development to design the success and failure criteria of their methods before actually implementing them, there is no reason Product Managers can’t benefit from the same methodology.

Document up front how you predict users should interact with your feature and focus on iterating the user interface until they do.

There is no need to build the entire backend logic, just use ApprovalQ to track user activity and manage manual implementation of whatever the feature is supposed to do while you focus on growing the volume.

Customize your workflow to suit your business needs

I know what you’re thinking, what if we are inundated with thousands of requests, how will we cope? Quite frankly, that’s an amazing problem to have. You should be so lucky. It makes the argument to secure the funding necessary to complete development easy to win because you have hard data to calculate the return on investment.

Get Started Right Now

Go create a free standard queue at ApprovalQ and use JQuery to easily post items to your queue in seconds.

$(document).ready(function () {
queue: "{queue_name}",
subject: "User clicked button",
content: "Details about the action",