Cargo Cult Scrum
Igor M

Well written summary of all the problems that come with cargo cult scrum.

One of the obvious problems is the obsession with artifacts and not people. Focusing on artifacts is easier than focusing on people. This leads to exactly the opposite to what agile was set out to achieve. “Individuals and interactions over processes and tools". Martin Fowler already stated:

An important consequence of these values and principles is that a team should choose its own process — one that suits the people and context in which they work. Imposing an agile process from the outside strips the team of the self-determination which is at the heart of agile thinking.

(Martin Fowler, AgileImposition)

Following a rigid rule book makes it easier to micromanage the process. This leads to useless daily stand ups, long discussions and meetings, shifting the discussion on how we deliver features and not the features and the value they provide itself.

Scrum is not a one-size-fits-all solution, no silver bullet, but a viable option for companies transitioning from waterfall to a more agile approach. You just have to know why you’re implementing a framework and when to move on.

This separates the high performers from the mediocre.

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