Work/Life balance is bullshit.
Tobias van Schneider

I love that this showed up in my email after my morning meditation. As a “working mother” throughout my career and while our sons (now 26 & 28) were growing up. It used to be a distinction between “stay at home” moms and “working” moms back in the 90's, and “balance” was the topic of articles, discussions and books. Even back then, I knew that, for me, it wasn’t about balance…a teeter totter precariously balancing…it was about work life integration. That continues to mean finding the work that feeds my passion and interests and allows me to feel valued. I’ve worked for bosses and companies that provided me with that, and for those that did not. It is a matter of perspective that says, “this works for me and if it doesn’t, I need to find something that does”.